What was the curse of Draupadi?


What was the curse of Draupadi?

Stories are told of how Draupadi came to have five husbands. Explanations are needed for a culture desperate to explain such a discomforting practice. One story goes that in her past life she was a sage’s wife; her insatiable sexual appetite led him to curse her that in her next life she would have five husbands.

What was the curse made by Draupadi?

“Draupadi had cursed Hastinapur that no woman will rise from here. That curse will be broken this time by a woman, and i will become a medium for it,” she said, with the confidence of a self-made person.

Who was Draupadi in her previous birth?

Draupadi had 2 previous birth. Vedavati – daughter of a sage who wanted to marry lord Vishnu. Ravan has got attracted to her and tried to molest her but she saved herself from him by jumping into pyre.

Why Draupadi is humiliated?

The most notable incident in Draupadi’s life is the game of dice at Hastinapur where Yudhishthira loses his possessions and wife, and she is humiliated by the Kaurava brothers and Karna. An attempt is made by Dushasana to disrobe her but she is saved by divine intervention.

What curse yudhisthira gave to Kunti?

The Pandavas were furious with Kunti, especially Yudhisthira, who cursed Kunti and women of the world that they shall be unable to keep any secret anymore. If Kunti hadn’t kept it a secret, there were chances that the war would’ve been averted and millions of lives would’ve been spared.

Curse of Draupadi | Vastraharan Scene of Draupadi

Was yudhisthira in love with Draupadi?

Of course yes. he loved her where many example are given in the story. He only tells that she is so great that she takes care of all of us like a mother so in turn we should take care of her like our daughter to his brothers.

Who cursed Draupadi?

One story goes that in her past life she was a sage’s wife; her insatiable sexual appetite led him to curse her that in her next life she would have five husbands. Another story tells us that she asked Shiva for a husband who was noble and strong, skilled with the bow, handsome and wise.

Was Draupadi on her periods?

Yes,draupadi was on her periods during vastra haran and her ordeal did not end there …even after dragging her into the court Duryodhan ,Karna and Dushasan called her names and ordered her to be disrobed..

Who pulled Draupadi saree?

One of the most searing moments in our mythology has to be the vastraharana, the disrobing of Draupadi in the Kaurava court. Even before Duhshasana starts to tear off her clothes, she has been manhandled, dragged into court in a blood-stained garment, pulled by her hair and insulted by Duryodhana and Karna.

How Pandavas shared Draupadi?

While pandavas were living in panchal as guests of drupad and till Yudhishthir was crowned king of indraprasth and they started living there, there was no rule with regards to sharing of draupadi. Some texts quote this period as 1 year and some quote it as 6 yrs.

Who was Duryodhana in his next birth?

The eldest Kaurava was Duryodhana. His best friend was Karna. Karna was actually the eldest son of Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas. Because of circumstances, he was brought up as the son of charioteer.

Who was Gandhari in past life?

Early life and marriage

Gandhari was born to Subala, the ruler of Gandhara. As a maiden, Gandhari was noted for her piety and virtuous nature. Gandhari is regarded as an incarnation of the goddess Mati. She was the sister of Shakuni.

Did Draupadi loved Karna?

No. Draupadi was not in love with Karna. There are some fake folklores about it but not according to the authentic sources. These stories are spreaded by blind fans to show one character superior to another.

What were Draupadi’s last words?

Draupadi’s last words were to Bhima who had stayed back with her as she passed her last breath and she understood, too late, who among her husbands had loved her with all his heart and soul: “In our next birth be the eldest, Bhima; under your shelter we can all live in safety and joy.”

When did Draupadi get pregnant?

Draupadi wasn’t pregnant when she went with Pandavas to exile as her five sons were born by that time and Subhadra was taking care of them and they learnt skills from Krishna’s son Pradyumna till Draupadi and her husbands returned for thirteen years.

Will Gandhari open her eyes?

It is said that before the battle with Bhima, Gandhari opened her eyes and tried to perform Duryodhana’s body into Vajra, but due to Krishna’s deception, Duryodhana had hidden his genitals with leaves, due to which his genitals and thighs could be turned into Vajra.

Why was Duryodhana angry on Draupadi?

The dice plot, and Draupadi’s humiliation

Duryodhana’s jealousy of the prosperity and fame of Indraprastha and being humiliated by the Pandavas made him furious and he wished to throw down the Pandavas.

When did Draupadi give birth to Upapandavas?

This is because, the first 4 children of Draupadi were born during the first exile of Arjuna. After begetting sons from the eldest 2 Pandavas, it is Nakula’s turn to enter Draupadi’s chambers, and after him, is Sahadeva’s turn. After Arjuna returns from his exile, he sires Shrutakarma with Draupadi.

How does Draupadi look like?

She had eyes like lotus petals and a slender waist with beautiful hips. Her hair were dark blue in color with beautiful curls and had nails like a crescent moon along with well swelled breasts. Jayadratha stated that after once beholding Panchali, all the other women in the world appeared to him like monkeys.

Why did Draupadi washes her hair with blood?

Laws of dharma had failed to protect her. Enraged with the insult, she vowed never to tie her hair until she washed it with the blood of those who abused her. Seeing the immoral actions, Bheem, the second Pandava, couldn’t contain his anger any longer.

Was shakuni against disrobing of Draupadi?

Originally Answered: Why could not Shakuni contain Duryodhana from ordering Disrobing of Draupadi, which eventually reversed his victory in the dice game? Shakuni was revengeful. He was to cause maximum harm to Kauravs for what was earlier done to his family by them.

What was the age of Draupadi when she was born?

Draupadi was of 25 years when she born from holly fire. Pandava married to Draupadi in BCE 3195. Age of all Pandavas and Kauravas at the time of Draupadi Swayamvar.

Who cursed Arjuna?

Urvashi felt insulted and cursed Arjuna that he will be a eunuch for the rest of his life. Later on Indra’s request, Urvashi curtailed the curse to a period of one year.

Was Draupadi a goddess?

Draupadi was also avatar of Goddess Shree or Wealth who was the wife to five Indras in their mortal manifestation, that is, the five Pandavas. She was born many times for imprisoning the Indras. Her first birth was as Vedavati (the avatar of Swaha, Agni’s wife) who cursed Ravana.

Is Draupadi incarnation of Durga?

No. Draupadi is an Incarnation of Shachi(wife of Indra).

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