What was the secret of the handkerchief?


What was the secret of the handkerchief?

What is the secret of the handkerchief? The handerkerchief contains cocaine and dried rabbit’s blood. The blood attracts the dogs and the cocaine numbs their sense of smell.

What did the soldiers say the dogs smelled?

The dogs sniff the bottom of the basket hungrily, and the soldier tells Annemarie that his dogs can smell meat inside. The dogs sniff at it, but leave it alone. Having found nothing, the soldiers push past Annemarie into the woods, urging her to “go on to [her] uncle and tell him the German dogs enjoyed his bread.”

What is the importance of the handkerchief that Annemarie brought Uncle Henrik?

The handkerchief in the packet is so important in Number the Stars because it helps to save the lives of Jewish refugees. It is coated with a special drug that deprives the dogs used by the Nazis of their sense of smell. This means that the Germans are unable to find anyone hidden aboard the boat.

Why was the handkerchief so important?

The handkerchief, a gift to Desdemona from Othello, symbolizes so much more than a mere token of affection. To Othello, the handkerchief symbolizes fidelity and his giving it to Desdemona represents a promise that he will be true to her, and a request that she stay true to him.

What would have happened if Anne Marie has not delivered the handkerchief to Henrik?

Without the handkerchief, though, the refugees and Uncle Henrik would have been compromised. Uncle Henrik explains that the Rosens will be safe in Sweden because the Nazis will not invade for political reasons. He reassures Annemarie that she will see Ellen again after the war is over, and they go inside.

What is the old custom when someone dies What did the family have to do to prepare for the funeral?

Why was Annemarie surprised by Uncle Henrik’s announcement that there was to be a funeral? What did the family have to do to prepare for the funeral? The old custom is that the dead person to rest at home and the family to be with them before the burial. You just studied 4 terms!

Why was a handkerchief used in World War 2?

The handkerchief was designed by Danish scientists during world war 2. The main purpose of it was to numb the noses of the German dogs used to track down escaping Jews. It was a linen piece of cloth with rabbit blood to attract the dogs, and cocaine to numb the dogs’ noses momentarily.

How did the Jews save their sense of smell?

They invented a substance made of dried rabbit’s blood and cocaine. The smell of the rabbit’s blood attracted the police dogs, and when they sniffed at it , the cocaine caused their sense of smell to be temporarily destroyed. Nearly every fisherman had one of these handkerchiefs, and many Jews were saved because of this.

Why are dogs a symbol of evil in Judaism?

In the Jewish mystical tradition, dogs are symbols of the demonic. The Zohar, the core text of Jewish mysticism, says that evil in the world is like a vicious dog on a long leash. The Mishneh Torah (a 12th-century code by Maimonides) states that one must keep a dog chained, because these animals are known to cause “substantial and frequent” damage.

Is the story of the handkerchief a true story?

The handkerchiefs contained dried rabbit’s blood and cocaine. The dogs were attracted to the chemical, and when they sniffed it, it destroyed their sense of smell. Three events in the story that were true are the Nazis took over Denmark, the handkerchief, and the Resistance. Denmark was small and had little defences.


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