When traveling with empty forklift the forks should be in what position?


When traveling with empty forklift the forks should be in what position?

It is a good practice to put the fork arms just below the front axle of the forklift and it should be as close to the ground as possible. When the forks are too low, it could scrape the floor surface.

What is the safest position for your forklift when you are carrying a load up a ramp onto a trailer?

Driving Direction on Grades New drivers are sometimes curious and ask, “Which direction should the load face when traveling up a ramp?” The answer is, you should always drive a loaded forklift with the forks pointed upgrade. This will help prevent the load from sliding off the forks. Never turn on a ramp or grade.

When moving a load with the forklift what is the safe height for the load?

Axle height
68. When you are moving the forklift, what is a safe height for the load? -Axle height or as low as possible to the ground without scraping.

What is the recommended travel position for the forks?

Traveling Without a Load Did the operator put the forks in the correct travel position (4-6 inches above the ground) before moving the lift truck?

What should you do immediately after lifting a load on a forklift?

Place the load squarely and straight. Once the load settles, check behind you for pedestrians and other traffic. Then back up slowly. Make sure the forks clear the pallet before turning or lowering the forks.

When Travelling a lift truck with load the fork must be?

Forks must be at least 2/3 the length of the load. Carefully tilt the mast backward just enough to stabilize the load. Forks on a lift truck are adjustable; spread them to fit the load.

How should you operate a lift truck when approaching or leaving a ramp?

Lift the load straight until it is clear, then tilt back. Watch that the load does not catch on adjacent loads or obstructions. Do not raise or lower the forks before you stop the lift truck and set the brakes. Ensure that the forks are free of the load before backing up.

When driving a forklift up a ramp without a load your forks should be pointing down the ramp?

When carrying a heavy load on grade, the forklift must be able to safely stop. When your operators are traveling without a load, the forks should be pointed down the incline. This would include going up or down the ramp. The forks should be raised enough to safely clear the grade.

What should safe lifting training include?

Some of the more important safe lifting techniques include:

  • Widen feet for a more stable base.
  • Bend your knees deeply before a lift.
  • Engage your core muscles as you lift.
  • Press down into your legs as you lift.
  • Keep the load close to your body when possible.
  • Ask for help if the object is heavy, awkward, or overhead.

When parking a lift truck How should the forks be positioned?

When carrying a load on level ground, the correct position of the forks is 100-150mm (4-6 Inches) off the ground and tilted back sufficiently to stabilise the load.

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