Where does Hells bells and buckets of blood come from?


Where does Hells bells and buckets of blood come from?

– “The more colorful curse ‘hell’s bells and buckets of blood!’ was the original of the imprecation, which probably originated at sea during the late 19th century, under what circumstances no one knows.” From Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins by Robert Hendrickson (Facts on File, New York, 1997).

Why did AC DC Write Hells Bells?

AC/DC recorded this a few months after lead singer Bon Scott died of acute alcohol poisoning after a night of heavy drinking. The album is a tribute to him, and features his replacement, Brian Johnson, on vocals. When played live, Brian Johnson would strike the bell.

Is Hells Bells a swear word?

It is an uncommon phrase in that, as well as being an example of reduplication, it is also a minced oath. Adding ‘bells’ was simply a way of uttering the oath ‘Hell’ and making it sound acceptable in polite company.

What does hell’s teeth mean?

an exclamation of surprise or anger
hells teethinterjection. an exclamation of surprise or anger.

Who wrote Hells Bells?

Angus Young
Brian JohnsonMalcolm Young
Hells Bells/Composers

Who originally sang Hells Bells?

Hells Bells (song)

“Hells Bells”
Label Atlantic Records
Songwriter(s) Angus Young Malcolm Young Brian Johnson
Producer(s) Robert John “Mutt” Lange
AC/DC singles chronology

What does it mean Hells Bells?

anger or surprise
Meaning of hell’s bells in English used to express anger or surprise: Hell’s bells, can’t you do anything right?

What does pulling hen’s teeth mean?

If you say that making someone do something was like pulling teeth, you mean it was very difficult and they did not want to do it: Getting her to tell me about her childhood was like pulling teeth.

Is Hells teeth a saying?

An exclamation of frustration, anger, or surprise. Oh, hell’s teeth—the printer isn’t working, and my paper is due in five minutes!

When did ACDC Hells Bells come out?

Hells Bells/Released
“Hells Bells” is the first track of Back in Black, the seventh studio album by Australian hard rock band AC/DC and their comeback album after the death of lead singer Bon Scott. “Hells Bells” is the second single from Back in Black, released on 31 October 1980.

Is Hells Bell a metal?

HellsBelles (formerly known as Hell’s Belles) is a heavy metal band from England active from 1984 to 1987 and 1998 to present, considered part of the latter stages of the new wave of British heavy metal (NWOBHM).

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