Where is the AC low side service port on a 2004?


Where is the AC low side service port on a 2004?

The low side service port is usually located between the AC compressor and evaporator. The low side service port will have a black or blue plastic cap that needs to be removed.

Where is the low pressure AC port?

The low side service valve is located in the line that runs from the compressor through the evaporator (firewall) and up to the condensor on the low pressure (suction) side of the system.

Where is the air conditioning recharge valve located?

Where is the compressor on a Dodge Intrepid?

2. Pop your hood and locate your compressor (on the left side of the engine). This is easy to find because there is a belt running on it and there will be two dime sized caps…one reading H (for high) and the other reading L (for low).

How to replace R-134a air conditioner in Dodge Intrepid?

First of all, you should know that all intrepids (as far as I know) run on R-134a refrigerant, so the replacement is super easy. 1. Go to a store and buy yourself one or two cans of the refrigerant. If available, purchase the stuff that has leak sealer in it. Even if you don’t have leaks, its a good idea to take precautions.

What should the pressure be on an AC charger?

After determining the correct pressures using the ambient air pressure chart, monitor the pressure readings constantly while charging the system. If the system was low, your AC compressor clutch will not engage. You should notice that as the low-side pressure reaches approx. 25-30PSI, that the compressor clutch will engage.

What should I do when recharging my AC system?

Following these guidelines when recharging the system will ensure the system can operate efficiently. It is important to note, charging an AC system with just a single gauge attached to the refrigerant is possible, but it is always recommended to use a complete set of manifold gauges, which monitor both the high and low side pressures.

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