Which branch is sort code?


Which branch is sort code?

A sort code (which you might also hear called a ‘branch sort code’) is the other key number you need. It’s a 6-digit number that identifies the branch of your bank where your account is held. The digits are typically grouped in pairs. For example, N26 accounts in the UK all share the same sort code: 04-00-26.

What bank is sort code 206227?

Bank Name : Barclays Bank Plc

Barclays Bank Plc-Belfast Castle Place 2 Branch Sort Code 206227 Details
Branch Name Belfast Castle Place 2
Sort Code 206227 Equivalent Sort Code with Dashes: 20-62-27 Equivalent Sort Code with Spaces : 20 62 27

What bank is sort code 201823?

Bank Name : Barclays Bank Plc

Barclays Bank Plc-Cardiff Group 9 Branch Sort Code 201823 Details
City Leicester
Branch Location Cardiff Group 9, United Kingdom
Phone No. 0345 7345345
Fax No.

What is UK bank sort code?

What is a sort code? The definition of a sort code (aka Sorting Code ) in the context of United Kingdom and Ireland’s bank industry and payments is a six-digit number, usually formatted as three pairs of numbers, for example 12-34-56.

Do US banks have sort codes?

An ABA (American Bankers Association) routing number is a 9 digit number used to identify banks in America, similar to a UK sort code. These are sometimes referred to as check routing numbers, ABA numbers, routing transit numbers (RTN) or Fedwire numbers.

Is principality owned by Barclays?

Q: Who owns Principality Building Society? Principality is a mutual building society which means we are owned by our members rather than shareholders like banks such as Barclays or Lloyds.

Can you transfer money without a sort code?

Sort codes are used to process domestic transfers of funds between accounts via direct debit, bank transfer or other means. If you are providing one of those numbers, you do not normally need to provide a sort code as well.

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