Which district has the highest literacy rate in Maharashtra?


Which district has the highest literacy rate in Maharashtra?

Mumbai Suburban
Highest Literate Districts

District Per
Mumbai Suburban 89.91%
Mumbai City 89.21%
Nagpur 88.39%
Akola 88.05%

What is the only state that has 100% literacy?

According to Census 2011, Kerala has the highest total literacy rate and female literacy rate whereas Lakshadweep had the highest male literacy rate.

Which district is the highest literacy?

Rank District State
1 Serchhip Mizoram
2 Aizawl Mizoram
3 Mahe Puducherry

Which district is biggest in Maharashtra?

Largest & Smallest District in Maharashtra by Area

# By Area District Area
Largest Ahmednagar 17048 km²
Smallest Mumbai City District 36 km2

Which district has highest Taluka in Maharashtra?


Borivali 400066
Thane Municipal Corporation
Kalyan 421301 Municipal Corporation
Murbad 421401

What is the literacy rate in Maharashtra?

Maharashtra borders the states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. The state has a sex ratio of about 940 which is fairly equal to the national average. The state has a literacy rate of over 80% which puts it among the top states in terms of literacy.

Which district has highest population in Maharashtra?

Districts of Maharashtra

# District Population
1 Thane 11,060,148
2 Pune 9,429,408
3 Mumbai Suburban 9,356,962
4 Nashik 6,107,187

Which district is smallest in Maharashtra?

Mumbai City District
Maharashtra is a state in western India….Largest & Smallest District in Maharashtra by Area.

# By Area District Area
Smallest Mumbai City District 36 km2

What is the literacy rate of Maharashtra state?

The literacy rate of Maharashtra state is 72.57% out of which 77.7% males are literate and 67.05% females are literate. The total area of Maharashtra is 307713 sq.km with population density of 365 per sq.km. Out of total population, 54.78% of population lives in Urban area and 45.22% lives in Rural area.

Which is the least populated district of Maharashtra?

Thane is the largest district of Maharashtra by population, while the least populated district of Maharashtra is Sindhudurg . Below is the complete list of districts ( zilla) of Maharashtra sorted by population.

How many people live in urban areas of Maharashtra?

Out of total population of Maharashtra, 45.22% people live in urban regions. The total figure of population living in urban areas is 50,818,259 of which 26,704,022 are males and while remaining 24,114,237 are females. The urban population in the last 10 years has increased by 45.22 percent.

What was the population of Maharashtra in 2011?

Maharashtra is one of state in India with population of 112374333. There are 35 districts, 357 Talukas, 43665 villages and 537 towns in Maharashtra. As per the Census India 2011, Maharashtra has 24421519 households, population of 112374333 of which 58243056 are males and 54131277 are females.

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