Which is called thermometric liquid?


Which is called thermometric liquid?

The science of temperature and its measurement is called thermometry. Liquid in thermometers are suitable for narrow change of measurements. The most commonly used liquid is mercury. The range of mercury thermometer is 390C−3570C.

What are properties of thermometric liquid?

Thermal Properties of Matter Give at least five characteristic of a liquid used as thermometric liquid used in thermometers. (vi) should have high boiling point and low freezing point. The triple points of neon and carbon dioxide are 24.57 K and 216.55 K respectively.

What is thermometric?

thermometric (not comparable) Of or pertaining to the measurement of temperature. Of, pertaining to, or employing a thermometer.

What are thermometric liquids examples?

Thermometer liquids are mercury and alcohol.

What is thermometric property example?

A thermometric property is any physical property that changes measurably with temperature. Note: You must use the term ‘measurably’. Examples of thermometric properties: Length of a column of liquid, e.g. mercury and alcohol thermometers.

What are thermometric substances?

The thermometric substance is the material used in the thermometer, whose property varies with temperature. In order to assemble a thermometer, we use a substance that has some physical property which changes constantly as the temperature changes. Such substance is known as a thermometric substance.

Which physical property is used by thermocouple?

A thermocouple is a useful device to measure very high temperatures in remote or dangerous locations – for example, in a volcano! So the physical property that a thermocouple uses is the temperature difference of a metal and the potential difference (voltage) that this produces.

What are two thermometric liquids?

Which two liquids are most commonly used in thermometers?

The two common liquids used in liquid-in-glass thermometers are alcohol (ethanol) and mercury, which have melting points and boiling points of -114 C, 79 C and -39 C, 357 C, respectively.

How is a thermometric liquid used to measure temperature?

A thermometric liquid is a liquid that can change its volume (increase or decrease) in accordance with surrounding temperature. In other words, thermometric liquids are used in thermometers to measure temperature. Mercury and alcohol are common thermometric liquids. Cohesive forces within the liquid must be greater than adhesive forces.

Why is mercury used in liquid in glass thermometer?

Mercury was/is used not only because of the wide temperature range (theoretically applicable from -39 °C to 357 °C) but also because mercury hardly wets the glass tube. The capillarity is therefore lower and the temperature can be displayed and read off more accurately.

Which is an example of a thermometric property?

Any physical property that changes with temperature is considered as a thermometric property. Volume, resistance, pressure etc. are examples of thermometric properties. Mass which does not depend on temperature is not a thermometric property. The virtue of thermometric property is utilised in various measuring instruments.

How does the volume of a liquid change with temperature?

With increasing temperatures, most liquids increase in volume. An example of this would be the changing of volume of a liquid in a glass thermometer. The length of a solid, such as a metal rod, increases if the temperature increases. A constant volume of gas increases in pressure as temperature increases.

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