Which term found in the electromagnetic spectrum is determined by its wavelength quizlet?


Which term found in the electromagnetic spectrum is determined by its wavelength quizlet?

Light is measured by its wavelength (in nanometers) or frequency (in Hertz).

What determines the color of visible electromagnetic radiation we see quizlet?

The color of an object we see is based on the wavelengths of light reflected and the wavelengths absorbed. Whichever wavelength is reflected is the one we see, and all the other colors are absorbed.

Which of the following sources of radiation has a longer wavelength?

Radio waves have the longest wavelength, and gamma rays have the shortest wavelength.

What is the correct order of the electromagnetic spectrum from shortest wavelength to longest quizlet?

Name the types of waves that make up the electromagnetic spectrum, from longest wavelength to shortest wavelength. radio waves, microwaves, infrared waves, visible light, ultraviolet waves, X-rays, gamma rays. Compare the frequency of gamma waves with the frequency of light waves.

How are the wavelength and frequency related to each other?

Frequency and wavelength are inversely proportional to each other. The wave with the greatest frequency has the shortest wavelength. Twice the frequency means one-half the wavelength.

Which characteristic of waves determines where they occur on the electromagnetic spectrum?

Generally, electromagnetic radiation is classified by wavelength into radio wave, microwave, terahertz (or sub-millimeter) radiation, infrared, the visible region we perceive as light, ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma rays. The behavior of electromagnetic radiation depends on its wavelength.

What color does this wavelength correspond to in the visible light spectrum?

The visible spectrum

colour* wavelength (nm) frequency (1014 Hz)
red 650 4.62
orange 600 5.00
yellow 580 5.16
green 550 5.45

What does the wavelength of light determine quizlet?

Wavelength determines the color of a light wave’s light. A wave with a longer wavelength will have a color closer to red, and a wave with a shorter wavelength will have a color closer to violet.

What determines the color of the light?

The wavelength of visible light determines the color that the light appears. Light with the longest wavelength appears red, and light with the shortest wavelength appears violet. In between are the wavelengths of all the other colors of light.

Which electromagnetic has maximum wavelength?

radio wave
– Electromagnetic radiation with maximum wavelength is the radio wave.

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