Who does Philippe Starck work for?


Who does Philippe Starck work for?

From restaurants to hotels, furniture to space modules, Starck has put his ingenious stamp on more than 10,000 designs. While working for Adidas, Starck set up his first industrial design company, Starck Product, which he later renamed Ubik after Philip K.

What is Philippe Starck most known for?

Philippe Starck, (born January 18, 1949, Paris, France), French designer known for his wide range of designs, including everything from interior design to household objects to boats to watches. He has also worked as an architect.

What did Philippe Starck study?

Philippe Starck. Born in Paris in 1949. Son of a French aeronautical engineer and inventor. He studied interior architecture and design at the École Nissim de Camondo, Paris.

How long did Philippe Starck study?

Just 2 years into a 5-year course at the École Nissim de Camon, Starck dropped out to pursue a career in design. Starck couldn’t contain his eagerness to produce his own designs, so he gave up his studies to create his own company. This company produced a range of inflatable objects.

What does Philippe Starck believe in?

With his belief that “evolution is in everything—but only we can control our evolution,” Starck is now one of the most prolific designers in history, with some 10,000 creations in just about every genre, from watches and all types of furnishings to hotels, restaurants, super sail boats, and architectural landmarks.

Who is Philip Stark?

Philip Stark is an American television and film screenwriter, author, and therapist. He is best known for his film Dude, Where’s My Car? from 2000, and he wrote the script for a sequel, Seriously Dude, Where’s My Car?, which did not make it into production.

What is Philippe Starck’s style?

Starck’s style could be described as contemporary. He is interested in bright colors, unusual shapes and the use of unusual materials. He wants his designs to be mass produced and relatively affordable, but he also wants them to be durable. Many of his designs can be identified by the repeated use of certain shapes.

Is Philippe Starck married?

Jasmine Abdellatif Starckm. 2007
Brigitte Laurent Starckm. 1977–1992
Philippe Starck/Spouse

Where does Philippe Starck live now?

He wears his success in a uniquely Starck way. He makes notes on plastic paper that’s made just for him. He has many homes around the world which reveal that his life is as eclectic as his designs, including a huge New York City apartment, an oyster farm in France, and a house on the Seine next to a nudist camp.

Is Philippe Starck environmentally friendly?

Philippe Starck wants to create pieces with a minimal impact on the environment – sustainable and people-friendly. It is not about recycling, but about restructuring production and preserving natural resources.

Is Don Stark related to Philip?

He was a writer and script editor for That ’70s Show. He produced approximately 136 episodes. Stark also wrote approximately 21 episodes. He is not related to actor Don Stark, who plays the role of Bob Pinciotti.

What are the common characteristics and features found in Philippe Starck’s designs?

His designs are often of curved, rounded, ‘feminine’ shapes so he uses materials such as polyamide, resins, Page 2 soft plastics, and modern technological processes, which allow him the flexibility to create unusual shapes and forms.

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