Who in EXO has a dog?


Suho, the guardian leader of EXO, currently has a dog named Byul. Byul has accompanied Suho ever since his days as a trainee. Her name means “star” in English, and is a very fitting name considering the galaxy concept of EXO.

Does Baekhyun have a dog?

Baekhyun’s Dog – Mongryong

Baekyun loves Pembroke Welsh Corgis so much that, according to fans, he is even starting to look like them. But of all the Corgis in all the world, Baekhyun loves Mongryong the most! Baekhyun first introduced Mongryong to fans on May 9, 2015 with this Instagram photo.

Does sehun have a dog?

EXO’s Sehun introduces Monsieur, a dog he has been fostering for a friend who is currently having difficulties. … He is known to have a pet dog named Vivi, a Bichon Frise.

What kind of dog does Chanyeol have?

Chanyeol has two dogs: Toben and Zzar. Toben is a black poodle breed named after Beethoven while Zzar is named after Mozart (as you can tell, Chanyeol loves composers).

When did sehun adopt Vivi?

EXO’s Sehun introduced his adorable pet pup Vivi on the June 6 live airing of ‘Exomentary’ which broadcast through ‘V. ‘ Through a segment titled ‘Please Take Care of Sehun’s Puppy,’ Sehun officially introduced Vivi.

Does exo Kai have a pet?

Jjangu is Kai’s second oldest dog, a brown toy poodle. Finally, his youngest pet is Jjangah, a white toy poodle. She is the only female out of Kai’s dogs. Kai’s dogs were featured in episode two of EXO’s Showtime, where Kai and Suho walked his dogs and exercised with them.

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Does Rose Blackpink have a dog?

Rosé also has a dog named Hank who she spoils with plenty of luxury pet accessories, including Tiffany & Co.’s dog bowl and Saint Laurent’s pet carrier. She adopted Hank last December after he was abandoned by his owner, according to Inquirer.net.

Does Kai have dogs?

A brief introduction, Kai has three dogs, Monggu (poodle), Jjanggu and Jjangah (toy poodles). So, without further ado, let’s see Kai’s adorable little puppies!

What is a Bichon Frise lifespan?

12 – 15 years

Бишон фризе/Продолжительность жизни

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