Who invented military dog tags?


In May 1862, a John Kennedy of New York wrote a letter to Secretary of War Edwin Stanton suggesting each Union soldier be issued an identifying tag. The appeal was denied; the soldiers were left to their own devices. By war’s end, more than 40 percent of Union Civil War dead remained unknown.

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When did the military start using dog tags?

It took a few years, but in December 1906, the Army put out a general order requiring aluminum disc-shaped ID tags be worn by soldiers. The half-dollar size tags were stamped with a soldier’s name, rank, company and regiment or corps, and they were attached to a cord or chain that went around the neck.

Where did dog tags originate?

Among the first instances of the identification tags being called “dog tags” comes from the Prussian Army in 1870. It comes from the term “hundemarken” which was similar to what each dog in the then Prussian capital of Berlin required. The American adaptation of the name dates to just before WWII.

When was dog tags invented?

Wearing ID tags likely made sense to a soldier in 1917. Like Fido back home, he was wearing his information around his neck. The Minneapolis Morning Tribune’s first mention of dog tags pops up in 1878, where a notice to the public puts things in stark terms: “DOG NOTICE.

Why are they called dog tags in the military?

A more likely, simpler origin is that the term came from World War II draftees who felt they were treated worse than dogs; in protest, they began calling their identification tags “dog tags.”

Do Russian soldiers have dog tags?

The Russian Armed Forces use oval metal tags, similar to the dog tags of the Soviet Army. Each tag contains the title ‘ВС РОССИИ’ (Russian for ”Armed Forces of Russia”) and the individual’s alphanumeric number, as shown on the photo.

Is wearing dog tags disrespectful?

Civilians may also purchase fake dog tags. Fake tags are available with personalized inscriptions. Unlike wearing dog tags that belonged to a loved one, wearing fake dog tags is likely to be considered disrespectful.

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Why do military dog tags have a notch?

They were metal and rectangular, with a notch in a lower corner. The soldier’s information was imprinted on the metal tag. That notch was used to align the metal plate on the machine that embossed the information. The notch became the center of U.S. military troops’ first myth around their dog tags.

Did Civil War soldiers have dog tags?

Government issued identification tags, termed dog tags, were nonexistent during the American Civil War. In May of 1862, John Kennedy, a resident of New York, proposed in a letter to Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton, that each Union soldier be issued an ID tag.

Did soldiers wear dog tags in Vietnam?

Soldiers in the Korean war used the second one as a toe tag and it is said this is where the medical use of the term originated. Soldiers fighting the Vietnam war tied the second tag to one boot to help identify cases of dismemberment.

What do they do with dog tags when a soldier dies?

There’s no specific protocol for what happens to dog tags after leaving the service, whether by discharge or death. Former service members do not have to return them to the military, but they also can choose whether or not to keep them.

What do real military dog tags say?

Today’s identification tags identify vital information about the wearer: name, Social Security number, blood type and religious preference. During World War II there were only three religious categories that could be put on dog tags: P for Protestant, C for Catholic and H for Hebrew (Jewish).

When did the Navy stop issuing dog tags?

The SSN was replaced by DoD ID (10 Digits no hyphens) in accordance with DODI 1000.30 on Aug 12, 2012 and reinforced on June 26, 2017 in a memo by the Department of the Navy. Prior to that the USN switched from using Service Numbers to SSN’s in Jan 1972.

Is it disrespectful for a civilian to salute a soldier?

TLDR – Civilians should face the flag and place their right hand over their heart during the National Anthem. Saluting the flag is a gesture reserved for the military. While civilians can salute soldiers, many veterans consider it inappropriate or awkward.

Did ww1 soldiers have dog tags?

In the event of a soldier’s death, one tag stayed with the body and the second tag was given to the individual in charge of the burial. In 1918 the Army added a serial number along with the soldier’s name and any medical alerts.

Do British soldiers have dog tags?

Unlike US forces, British service personnel are issued with their identification tags only when on active duty. As a result we rely on the help of past and present service personnel to make sure our tags are as authentic as possible.

Do mercenaries wear dog tags?

Dog tags were also worn by various mercenary groups, such as the Gurlukovich Mercenaries. By 2014, Vamp of Outer Heaven carried five dog tags on his person. By 2018, dog tags were installed with ID chips, as a leftover from the then-long discontinued SOP system.

What does a POS mean on dog tags?

Social Security Number. 123-45-6789. Blood Type. A POS. Religious Preference.

Does the Air Force issue dog tags?

Because dog tags are issued to military members for identification purposes only, there is no provision for getting replacement dog tags for former service members from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps or Coast Guard.

Do Marines wear dog tags?

Identification tags, more commonly known as dog tags, have been used by the Marine Corps since 1916. They serve to identify Marines who fall in battle and secure a suitable burial for them. Identification tags were probably first authorized in Marine Corps Order Number 32 of 6 October 1916.

What do the beads on dog tags mean?

Facts are few and far between on this particular piece of folklore, but it is said that “official” issued dogs tags are attached to a 365-bead chain for the first tag and a 52-bead chain for the secondary one. These numbers represent the days and weeks in a year.

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How do you dispose of military dog tags?

Bash them, Cut them, Melt them if Possible. An Oxidizing Agent is Good. “Burial at Sea” is Good. Any Combination of Means is Better.

When did they start notching dog tags?

Fortunately, the tales are untrue and U.S. casualties are treated with respect and dignity. In the 1940s and for about 30 years, U.S. military dog tags, the M-1940 dog tag to be exact, had this noticeable notch in it along the edge.

Did Union soldiers have dog tags?

About 1,200 Union soldiers were killed or wounded in the battle. Civil War ID badges that survive are rare, the Park Service said. There were no government-issued military “dog tags” during the war. And soldiers were terrified that if they were killed, in the chaos of battle their bodies would never be identified.

How many balls are on dog tag chains?

Dog tag ball chains were once thought to have been clipped to length to help captured soldiers count time in the event they were captured. The large chain was counted to 365 ball links, and the small chain was counted to 52 ball links.

What did ww2 dog tags look like?

In World War II members of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps wore Dog Tags of a different shape than the Army and Air Force. They were oval shaped, had either one (P1917) or two (P1940) holes, and were engraved or etched rather than debossed or stamped.

Did Romans have dog tags?

A signaculum was a lead “dog tag” in a leather pouch carried by Roman soldiers around their neck. It seems to have had personal details (acting to identify a body the same way a modern dog tag does) with a seal or stamp to authenticate it.

What does T43 mean on dog tag?

Tetanus Dates

The dates on line 2 of the styles indicate the tetanus immunization, and the tetanus toxoid injection dates. These would most often be 1 year apart, and preceded by a T for the first date (i.e. T43 44).

Did Vietnam dog tags have a notch?

Why do some Vietnam Era Dog Tags have notches? The notch on the Dog Tag was there to align it on a handheld transcription machine (Model 70 Addressograph Patented) which was used by field medics to quickly transfer the soldier’s information onto paper medical forms or burial records.

Why is there 2 tags on dog tags?

According to the Defense Department, in July 1916, the U.S. Army amended its initial order and required a second disc. Why two dog tags? The first tag was to remain with the body, while the second was for burial service record keeping.

Do all military branches wear dog tags?

The first dog tag would remain with the body of the fallen soldier, while the second was for burial service record keeping. In 1917, when the U.S. Navy required all their sailors wear dog tags, the War Department finally mandated that all American combat troops have dog tags.

What do black dog tags mean?

The black dog tag was first used by the military personnel. It was used as identification for the military personnel. It is similar to dog tags which are placed on dogs to be able to identify them, if they get lost or killed.

Do military men still wear dog tags?

The change was mandated in 2007, but it has taken the military this long to replace the Social Security number with the 10-digit idea number through a number of systems, Klemowski said. While identity theft may be among the most impersonal of crimes, the dog tags are anything but that.

Do seals wear dog tags?

Black Dog Tags are used by Special Operations forces such as the Army Rangers, Navy Seals, Green Berets, Commandos, and Delta Force. Black Dog Tags were mandated by a regulation on January 15, 1967 of the United States Army, Vietnam (USARV).

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What does a left handed salute mean?

Left Handed Salutes. Actually only the Naval services (Navy and Marine Corps) are authorized to salute with the left hand when necessary. This usually means when your right hand/ arm is incapacitated due to injury but it can also apply at other times.

Why does the US salute palm down?

The naval salute, with the palm downwards is said to have evolved because the palms of naval ratings, particularly deckhands, were often dirty through working with lines and was deemed insulting to present a dirty palm to an officer; thus the palm was turned downwards.

What does a slow hand salute mean?

In a funeral salute, the saluting hand comes up in a slow, deliberate (three-second) motion, and comes down the same way. The funeral salute is used only when specifically saluting the dead man being buried. An officer attending the funeral will still receive a standard salute.

Did German soldiers have dog tags?

This was the standard-issue German military identification tag, often called a “dog tag”. The Erkennungsmarke was instituted and first issued in August of 1939 to all members of the German Wehrmacht. Thereafter, the tag was issued to all soldiers shortly after they were first inducted into the Wehrmacht.

Did British soldiers have dog tags in ww2?

Buried next to a World War II-era anti-artillery gun were more than 14,000 individually inscribed, British Army-issued dog tags. Although ID tags like have been in use since before World War I, most were made out of vulcanized asbestos fiber until 1960.

When did the British Army start using dog tags?

The British Army introduced them in 1907. They were produced within each unit, and stamped with key information, typically service number, surname and initials, regiment, and sometimes battalion and rank.

Do Royal Marines have dog tags?

The tags’ primary use is for the identification of dead and wounded soldiers; as such, they have personal information about the soldiers written on them, and convey essential basic medical information such as the soldier’s blood type and history of inoculations. They often indicate religious preference as well.

Is collecting dog tags a war crime?

Targeting civilians, torturing prisoners of war and stealing dog tags are all illegal actions that have been used in games without penalty.

Do dog tags have blood type?

Knowing your blood type is very important, especially to soldiers. When a soldier is out in the field and needs blood immediately, this knowledge can be the difference between life and death. That is why blood type has been designated on Dog Tags for over 70 years.

What was on Vietnam dog tags?

Each dog tag represents a person in the Vietnam War and is arranged in date order of death. And, each dog tag shows their name, casualty date, and military branch.

Do you salute if you are not military?

“Civilian personnel, to include civilian guards, are not required to render the hand salute to military personnel or other civilian personnel. “Salutes are not required to be rendered or returned when the senior or subordinate, or both are in civilian attire.”

Why are dog tags red?

Bright RED Dog Tags to help signal to emergency personnel that you have drug Allergies or Medical Conditions.

Do dog tags melt?

These talismans will save the boys’ lives, and I believe in it. Even the fighters stopped calling them the horrible word ‘deadly. ‘ The tags are made from good metal, which does not burn or melt.

Can dog tags be destroyed?

Learn more here. Because dog tags are made of metal, they cannot be destroyed in most paper shredders (and NEVER in high security/NSA listed paper shredders!). To destroy metal tags, a special, more durable cutting head is required to both shred the tags thoroughly and protect the machine from damage.

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