Who is hypocritical in To Kill a Mockingbird?


Who is hypocritical in To Kill a Mockingbird?

A hypocritical person that Scout has witnessed is, of course, the famous antagonist. Bob Ewell is a racist drunkard and uneducated individual who beat his kids but he says he was better than a hard working, family-oriented individual with morals (237).

In what way are the ladies of Maycomb hypocritical?

The hypocrisy of these women is revealed through their conversations during the meeting of their Missionary Circle. They profess to be Christians doing good works, but their words and attitudes show that they are deeply racist and hateful.

What group meets at the Finch home what about them is hypocritical?

The meeting at the Finches” house in Chapter 24 is a meeting of Aunt Alexandra’s “missionary circle.” The point of the meeting is to learn more about the Mruna people who live in Africa. The meeting is relevant to the book because it shows how hypocritical many of the women of the missionary circle (especially Mrs.

How is Aunt Alexandra hypocritical?

Quote (1) demonstrates Aunt Alexandra’s impeccable manners and piety. However, it also hints at Aunt Alexandra’s hypocrisy—especially in the context of her later behavior. She clearly won’t uphold any moral she encounters, since her values clearly don’t include equal treatment for people of color.

How is the missionary circle hypocritical?

Like most everyone else in Maycomb, the ladies of the missionary circle are outright racists. When Scout attends her aunt’s missionary circle, she recognizes the hypocrisy of the local ladies as they gossip, express their prejudiced beliefs, and talk behind people’s backs.

Is Atticus a hypocrite?

Atticus is not a hypocrite and he is the same man in public and in private: “Atticus don’t ever do anything to Jem and me in the house that he don’t do in the yard”, I said, feeling it my duty to defend my parent. Miss Maudie: “Atticus Finch is the same in his house as he is on the public street”.

How are the people in Maycomb hypocritical?

The majority of Maycomb’s community exercises hypocrisy by vehemently criticizing Atticus for defending a black man while continuing to elect him as their representative. The racist community members disagree with his decision to represent Tom Robinson and make disparaging comments to members of his family.

Why is the missionary circle hypocritical?

What Page killed Tom Robinson?

In chapter 24, we learn that Tom Robinson has died. He was shot in prison by a group of guards after attempting to escape.

What is hypocritical about the concern the ladies of the missionary have for the Mrunas?

What is hypocritical about the concern the ladies of the missionary circle have for the Mrunas? She is making a veiled criticism of Atticus and his defense of Tom Robinson.

Is Miss Caroline a hypocrite?

Miss Caroline is definitely showing her hypocrisy, for she claims to support education but fails to recognize it when it doesn’t arise from her own chosen teaching methods. The men who confront Atticus outside the jail one night as Atticus stands guard for Tom Robinson are also hypocrites.

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