Who is Mawdo BA in so long a letter?


Who is Mawdo BA in so long a letter?

Mawdo is a doctor, an upstanding citizen, and a member of Senegal’s class of nobles. He and Aissatou fall in love despite the class difference between their two families. This upsets Mawdo’s mother, who eventually tricks him into taking on his young cousin Nabou as a second wife.

What is the significance of the main characters in so long a letter?

Thus, the main characters are significant because they perfectly capture the issues women in Senegal face, and they are direct in their critique of their conditions.

How many children does Ramatoulaye have in so long a letter?

twelve children
Her faith and her patience are tested when her husband, Modou, decides to take a young second wife (perfectly acceptable in Senegalese-Muslim culture) and proceeds to abandon Ramatoulaye and her twelve children.

Why does Ramatoulaye stay with her husband?

Ramatoulaye is going through many pragmatic challenges such as raising children and supporting them financially. These challenges are overwhelming her liberal feminist attitude which is why she chooses to stay with her husband.

Does Ramatoulaye divorce Modou?

He is Modou’s long-time friend and a doctor. Aïssatou: Ramatoulaye’s best friend, to whom the letters are addressed. She divorced Mawdo because she did not believe in polygamy; she left him a letter explaining her actions and never returned. Her divorce is symbolic because it represents a new life for her.

Why did Mariama Ba wrote so long a letter?

A wife and mother, Bâ married a Senegalese politician, with whom she had nine children. Though the marriage ended in divorce it provided inspiration for her first novel, So Long a Letter, noted for its striking depiction of women in Islamic culture and its blistering treatment of polygamy.

What are the major themes in So Long a Letter?

So Long a Letter Themes

  • Custom, Modernity, and Progress. The Senegal depicted in So Long a Letter is a country on the threshold, passing between two historical eras.
  • Feminism and Islam.
  • Motherhood.
  • Friendship vs.
  • Dialogue and Address.

What is the role of Aïssatou in the narrator’s life?

Aissatou is Ramatoulaye’s old childhood friend, and the addressee of her letter. Unlike Ramatoulaye, Aissatou decides to leave her husband on principle. Of a much more independent spirit than Ramatoulaye, Aissatou decides to pursue her education. She ends up moving to America, to work in the Senegalese embassy there.

What do Ramatoulaye and Aissatou have in common?

Ramatoulaye Fall and Aissatou Bâ became close friends, as young Senegalese girls who were educated in French schools in Senegal at a time when it was rare for young women to be educated at all in Senegal. They share a great deal in common. They both married for love rather than taking husbands from their own classes.

What inspired Mariama Ba to write so long a letter?

Why did Mariama Ba write so long a letter?

What are the themes in Mariama Ba so long a letter?

Its theme is the condition of women in Western African society. So Long a Letter, Mariama Bâ’s first novel, is literally written as a long letter. As the novel begins, Ramatoulaye Fall is beginning a letter to her lifelong friend Aissatou Bâ. The occasion for writing is Ramatoulaye’s recent widowhood.

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