Who is Mike Wallace in The Insider?


Who is Mike Wallace in The Insider?

Christopher Plummer
Pacino suggested Mann cast Christopher Plummer in the role of Mike Wallace. Pacino had seen the veteran actor on the stage many times and was a big fan of Plummer’s work. Mann had also wanted to work with Plummer since the 1970s.

Where was the insider 1999 filmed?

Filming locations ranged from Louisville, Kentucky, to San Francisco, to Pascagoula, Mississippi, to New York, and to the Bahamas. The film received seven Academy Award nominations including Best Picture and Best Actor (Russell Crowe).

What was the movie The Insider about?

After seeking the expertise of former “Big Tobacco” executive Jeffrey Wigand (Russell Crowe), seasoned TV producer Lowell Bergman (Al Pacino) suspects a story lies behind Wigand’s reluctance to speak. As Bergman persuades Wigand to share his knowledge of industry secrets, the two must contend with the courts and the corporations that stand between them and exposing the truth. All the while, Wigand must struggle to maintain his family life amidst lawsuits and death threats.
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How long is the insider film?

2h 38m
The Insider/Running time

Why was Jeffrey Wigand fired from Brown and Williamson?

Wigand, then a high-salaried senior executive at the Brown & Williamson tobacco company in Louisville, Ky., owned by British American Tobacco. Wigand was dismissed, which he attributed to his resisting the company’s use of a potentially dangerous pipe tobacco additive.

Was heat based on a true story?

Factual basis. Heat is based on the true story of Neil McCauley, a calculating criminal and ex-Alcatraz inmate who was tracked down by Detective Chuck Adamson in 1964.

What happened to Dr Jeffrey Wigand?

Wigand briefly taught chemistry and Japanese at duPont Manuel Magnet High School in Louisville, Kentucky and was named 1996 Teacher of the Year for the state of Kentucky. Dr. Wigand now is a lecturer, expert witness, and consultant on tobacco-related issues.

What happened to Brown and Williamson?

B&W had its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, until July 30, 2004, when the U.S. operations of B&W and BATUS, Inc….Brown & Williamson.

Brown & Williamson factory in 1918
Defunct 2004
Fate Merged with the other BAT’s U.S. business (BATUS, Inc. and R.J. Reynolds to form Reynolds American.

What year was the movie The Insider Made?

November 5, 1999 (USA)
The Insider/Release date

What is the name of the news organization referenced in the movie The Insider?

Westinghouse is negotiating to buy CBS, so CBS attorneys advise CBS News to shelve the interview and avoid a lawsuit. 60 Minutes (1968) and CBS News bosses cave, Wigand is hung out to dry, Bergman is compromised, and the CEOs of Big Tobacco may get away with perjury.

Did Jeff Wigands wife leave him?

Wigand paid dearly for going public. Amid lawsuits, countersuits, and an exhaustive smear campaign orchestrated by the company, Wigand lost his family, his privacy, and his reputation. His wife divorced him, and their two daughters went to live with her.

How old is Natalie Portman in heat?

The 28-year-old actress has revealed playing a girl who died in 1995 gangster movie Heat had a profound effect on her, resulting in her harming herself after an argument with her mother.

Who are the actors in the movie The Insider?

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete Al Pacino Lowell Bergman Russell Crowe Jeffrey Wigand Christopher Plummer Mike Wallace Diane Venora Liane Wigand Philip Baker Hall Don Hewitt

Who was the whistle blower in the insider?

Crowe appeared as the tobacco firm whistle blower Jeffrey Wigand in the 1999 film The Insider, for which he received five awards as best actor and seven nominations in the same category.

Who was the Attorney General in the movie The Insider?

Mike Moore, the Attorney General of Mississippi, played himself for the scenes involving the lawsuit. In the beginning of the film when Mike Wallace refuses to move his chair away from the Sheik, the translator translates Mike’s English into Farsi to the Arabic-speaking Hezbollah.

Is the movie The Insider based on a true story?

The Insider (film) A fictionalized account of a true story, it is based on the 60 Minutes segment about Jeffrey Wigand, a whistleblower in the tobacco industry, covering the personal struggles of him and CBS producer Lowell Bergman as they defend his testimony against efforts to discredit and suppress it by CBS and Wigand’s former employer.

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