Who is the state bird of Maharashtra?


Who is the state bird of Maharashtra?

Green pigeon to remain Maharashtra state bird | Mumbai News – Times of India.

What is Maharashtra famous bird?

Yellow-footed Green Pigeon
The Yellow-footed Green Pigeon (Treron phoenicoptera), also known as Yellow-legged Green Pigeon, is a common species of green pigeon found in the Indian Subcontinent. It is the state bird of Maharashtra.

Which of the following is state bird of Maharashtra?) *?

yellow-footed green pigeon
I know that the yellow-footed green pigeon is state bird of Maharashtra.

Where is found green pigeon?

The green imperial pigeon is one of the large species of forest pigeon found in India, resident breeding bird of southern Asia from India to Indonesia. Imperial green pigeon bird range also extends from southern India and Sri Lanka, an arboreal dove.

What is the state animal of Maharashtra in Marathi?

⚠️ State Animal of Maharashtra is Indian Giant Squirrel .

Where is the national bird of Maharashtra?

The yellow-footed green pigeon (Treron phoenicoptera), also known as yellow-legged green pigeon, is a common species of green pigeon found in the Indian subcontinent. It is the state bird of Maharashtra….

Yellow-footed green pigeon
Genus: Treron
Species: T. phoenicoptera
Binomial name
Treron phoenicoptera (Latham, 1790)

What is the state bird and animal of Maharashtra?

State/UT Animal Bird
Karnataka Elephant Indian Roller
Kerala Elephant Great Hornbill
Madhya Pradesh Swamp Deer Paradise Fly catcher
Maharashtra Giant Squirrel Green Imperial Pigeon

Which is state bird of Punjab?

Northern goshawk
Punjab/Official bird

Which is state bird of Gujarat?

Greater flamingo
Gujarat/Official bird

Which is the state bird of Punjab?

Punjab/Official bird
The ‘State Animal’ of Punjab is the Blackbuck, while the ‘State Bird’ is the Northern Goshawk, famous for its association with the Tenth Sikh Master, Guru Gobind Singh.

What is called giant squirrel in Marathi?

Wikipedia. commonly known as: Indian giant squirrel, Malabar giant squirrel • Hindi: भारतीय विशाल गिलहरी bharatiya vishal gilahari • Konkani: शेखरू shekhru • Malayalam: മലയണ്ണാൻ malayanna • Marathi: शेकरू shekru • Tamil: இந்திய மலை அணில் intiya-malai-anil. Endemic to: peninsular India. Reference: Wikipedia.

What is the state’s bird?

California quail
California – California quail A short, plump bird, the California quail is known among hunters as prized game.

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