Who is the Sunrise team?


Who is the Sunrise team?


Presenter Role Tenure
David Koch Co-host 2002-present
Natalie Barr Co-host 2021-present
Edwina Bartholomew News & entertainment 2021–present
Mark Beretta Sport 2004-present

Is Mark Beretta leaving Sunrise?

GOOD LUCK BERETTA! Mark Beretta leaves for another gruelling Tour de Cure Australia tomorrow! Check out the adorable card that his kids made for him.

Who is the new news reader on Sunrise?

Natalie Barr
Natalie Barr has been confirmed as Samantha Armytage’s replacement on Seven’s top-rating breakfast show Sunrise. Barr was widely tipped to replace Armytage given she has been Sunrise’s newsreader and a fill-in co-host for the past 18 years.

What did Mark Beretta do?

Mark Beretta is Australia’s most watched Sports Presenter. He is also an author, engineer, 10-times Australian water ski champion, Dancing With The Stars contestant, and marathon bike rider. As sports guru for the Seven Network’s Sunrise program, he has been watched by almost half a million Australians every day.

Who is taking Sam Armytage place on Sunrise?

Natalie Barr replaced Samantha Armytage to co-host Sunrise with David Koch. Armytage hit back at trolls and the media she claimed was “bullying” her multiple times, even blasting outlets in her final farewell speech for Sunrise.

Is Monique from sunrise married?

Weekend Sunrise co-host Monique Wright has called it quits with her husband, Tim Scanlan, after 12 years of marriage. A rep for the breakfast TV star, 48, confirmed the shock split to The Daily Telegraph on Thursday, revealing that the couple had separated “a very long time ago”.

Who is replacing Kochie on Sunrise?

From tomorrow morning, Natalie Barr will sit beside David ‘Kochie’ Koch as Sunrise co-host, a week after Samantha Armytage announced her exit from Seven’s top-rating breakfast show. Barr has been at Sunrise for 18 years, joining in 2003 as a fill-in presenter over the summer.

Why did Samantha leave Sunrise?

“There were many, many reasons,” she said. “But one of the reasons was that I felt that the fun just wasn’t there anymore.” “I was the lightning rod for the show at that point. “Everything, I said was analysed and I was getting belted to death by the bloody Daily Mail and you just think: ‘Oh, is life worth this?

How old is David Koch?

65 years (March 7, 1956)
David Koch/Age

What is Sam Mac real name?

Sam McMillan Australia

Sam Mac
Born Sam McMillan Australia
Occupation Television reporter producer radio presenter
Years active 2002−present
Employer Seven Network

Who did Mark Beretta marry?

Rachel Beretta
Mark Beretta/Spouse

Mark is a keen supporter of the Geelong Football Club. He also works with the Children’s Cancer Institute. Mark is married and lives with wife Rachel and daughter, Ava, in Sydney’s northern suburbs.

Who is replacing Samantha on Sunrise?

Sunrise co-host Natalie Barr reveals truth behind decision to replace Samantha Armytage | 7NEWS.


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