Who is year 3000 originally by?


Who is year 3000 originally by?

James Bourne
Charlie SimpsonSteve Robson
Year 3000/Composers

What song did Nick Jonas write in 10 minutes?

“A Little Bit Longer” is a song by the Jonas Brothers, written and sung by Nick Jonas….A Little Bit Longer (song)

“A Little Bit Longer”
Length 3:25 (Album Version) 5:47 (Live at SoHo Version)
Label Hollywood
Songwriter(s) Nick Jonas
Producer(s) John Fields

Who did Nick Jonas wrote SOS about?

Nick Jonas

What’s the name of the Jonas Brothers new song?

But fortunately for JB die-hards and pop music enthusiasts alike, the guys delivered an absolute smash. Between its whistling hook, flirty falsetto and rolling melody, “Sucker” is exactly the kind of buoyant pop song the Jonas Brothers should be releasing in 2019. And with its No. 1 Hot 100 debut, apparently the world agreed.

What’s the meaning of Jonas Brothers song Hold On?

An underrated classic, “Hold On” is a song that’s as powerful lyrically as it is musically. From the second the song starts with pulsating electric guitar, the Jonas Brothers’ vocals take off – particularly on the titular hook – as they send a message of hope for those experiencing heartbreak or simply going through a tough time. 14.

What’s the biggest hit of the Jonas Brothers?

Just weeks ago, not even the biggest of Jonas Brothers fans could’ve seen a reunion coming. But lo and behold, we have a new JoBros tune in 2019, and it has already become the biggest hit of their career: “Sucker” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 on Monday (March 11).

When did Jonas Brothers Feelin Alive come out?

“Feelin’ Alive” (Jonas L.A.) Jonas L.A. (a Monkees-esque Disney Channel Original Series that aired in 2009-2010, starring the Jonas Brothers as undercover spies) may have been campy as all get out, but the Jonas L.A. soundtrack was absolute gold.

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