Who is Zendaya ex?


Who is Zendaya ex?

Odell Backham Jr.

Back in 2016 Zendaya and Odell Beckham Jr.

Who is Zendayas ex boyfriends?

Although Zendaya is now dating her Spiderman costar Tom Holland, she has been romantically linked to a few others in the past, including actor Jacob Elordi and musician Trevor Jackson. Nevertheless, the actress tends to keep her dating life very low-key.

Has Zendaya dated Tom Holland?

She has contributed to Brides since 2019. For five long years, speculation of a romance between Tom Holland and Zendaya has been circulating the web—and for five long years, they denied it. The duo certainly had their reasons: As Holland told GQ in November 2021, they simply wanted to protect what they had.

Does Zendaya love Tom?

We love a friends-to-lovers timeline. There are few Hollywood love stories as wholesome as Zendaya and Tom Holland’s. Since they were cast as the leads of Marvel’s Spider-Man in 2016, the two have established a long and endearing friendship that ultimately has stumbled down a romantic route.

Who is Tom Holland wife?

Meanwhile, Holland goes Instagram-official with girlfriend Nadia Parks on July 27, 2020, when he posts a photo of the actor on Instagram.

All Boys Zendaya Coleman Has Dated 2020

How many relationships has Zendaya had?

Zendaya has been romantically linked to many high-profile celebrities, including Tom Holland and Jacob Elordi — but she’s not one to kiss and tell. The Emmy winner has a history of keeping all of her relationships as private as possible, including her four-year romance with a mystery man that ended in 2016.

Why did Trevor Jackson and Zendaya break-up?

For years, on internet message boards speculating about Jackson and Zendaya’s relationship, people have said that there was cheating involved. Zendaya also revealed once that a former boyfriend had cheated on her.

Who kissed Zendaya in movies?

Literally Zendaya has kissed Zac Efron AND Tom Holland, is there a more superior human being in existence? for the record, Zendaya’s “superiority” is not dependent on who she kissed. It’s just a cool thing that she got to do. For her career.

Who was Zendaya’s second boyfriend?

Tom Holland

The speculation about these two was going for quite literally years before anything was confirmed. It all started back in 2016 when the pair met during filming for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Who did Zendaya date for 4 years?

5. Trevor Jackson. According to Heightline, Zendaya met her next boyfriend two years before they started dating. Trevor Jackson turned out to be a serious move for Zendaya as they were a duo for four years, which included walking red carpets together.

Are OBJ and Zendaya dating?

Odell Beckham Jr.

The former Disney Channel star was briefly linked to the NFL player in 2016 after they were spotted leaving a party together. Zendaya’s dad, Kazembe Coleman, shut down the romance rumors, telling TMZ at the time, “There’s no relationship. We’re just friends.

Who is Tom Holland’s ex?

Tom Holland and ex Nadia Parkes.

How long did Zendaya and Jacob dated?

The pair were reportedly together for four years, gracing several red carpets and private events together. However, this was also the first time the “Frenemies” actor faced heartbreak. Although she did not take Jackson’s name, Zendaya told Vogue in 2017, she had a break-up the past year: Tz”It was my first love.

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