Who used torpedoes in ww2?


Who used torpedoes in ww2?

The Mark 14 torpedo was the United States Navy’s standard submarine-launched anti-ship torpedo of World War II. This weapon was plagued with many problems which crippled its performance early in the war. It was supplemented by the Mark 18 electric torpedo in the last two years of the war.

Who fired the first torpedo?

Ottoman submarine Abdül Hamid

The Nordenfelt-class Ottoman submarine Abdül Hamid (1886) was the first submarine in history to fire a torpedo while submerged.
Ottoman Empire
Name Abdül Hamid
Namesake Sultan Abdul Hamid II

When did torpedoes start?

Torpedoes. The torpedo, a self‐propelled and self‐guided underwater explosive device, was invented in 1866 by Robert Whitehead, a British engineer working for the Austro‐Hungarian Navy. The U.S. Navy evinced early interest in the device and established in 1869 the Torpedo Station at Newport, Rhode Island.

How were torpedoes used in ww2?

It was supposed to be the most advanced and deadly anti-ship weapon in the U.S. fleet. They ran on steam and could travel over five miles and hit speeds of almost 53 mph and then detonate under an enemy ship’s hull with up to 643 pounds of high explosives.

How torpedoes are launched?

Open the equalizing valve to equalize pressure in the tube with ambient sea pressure. When the launch command is given and all interlocks are satisfied, the water ram operates, thrusting a large volume of water into the tube at high pressure, which ejects the torpedo from the tube with considerable force.

How were torpedoes guided in ww2?

Later in the Second World War torpedoes were given acoustic (homing) guidance systems, with the American Mark 24 mine and Mark 27 torpedo and the German G7es torpedo. Pattern-following and wake homing torpedoes were also developed. Acoustic homing formed the basis for torpedo guidance after the Second World War.

What was wrong with American torpedoes in ww2?

But they also had a secret weakness: Many of their torpedoes would explode too early, would swim under their targets without exploding, or might even circle back around to hit them. It wasn’t the only flawed torpedo, but most of the Navy’s torpedo problems centered around the Mk. 14.

Were torpedoes used in the Civil War?

Frame torpedoes were one of the most common, successful types of mines used by the Confederacy during the Civil War.

How many torpedoes did a World War II submarine hold?

They were of single hull construction, with surface displacement of about 850 tons, and submerged displacement of 1100 tons. They had four or five 21″ torpedo tubes in the bow, and could carry 12 Mk. 10 steam torpedoes.

Who invented and sold the torpedo?

During the 19th century some naval vessels used the spar torpedo, which was simply an explosive charge attached to the end of a long pole or spar; it exploded when it touched the hull of an enemy vessel. The modern torpedo was developed by Robert Whitehead, a British engineer.

What is the fastest torpedo?

VA-111 Shkval

VA-111 Shkval
Propellant Solid-fuel
Maximum speed Launch speed: 50 knots (93 km/h; 58 mph) Maximum speed: in excess of 200 knots (370 km/h; 230 mph)
Guidance system GOLIS autonomous inertial guidance
Launch platform 533 mm (21 in) torpedo tubes

Were there homing torpedoes in ww2?

The T5 first saw widespread use in September 1943 against North Atlantic escort vessels and merchant ships in convoys. On the Allied side, the US Navy developed the Mark 24 mine, and was actually an aircraft launched, anti-submarine passive acoustic homing torpedo.

Who was the US submarine commander in World War 2?

On the morning of July 24, 1943, Lieutenant Commander L.R. Daspit and the submarine Tinosa launched what may have been the most frustrating attack of the United States’ World War II submarine campaign against Japan.

What did submarines do in World War 2?

British submarines used torpedoes to interdict the Axis supply shipping to North Africa, while Fleet Air Arm Swordfish sank three Italian battleships at Taranto by torpedo and (after a mistaken, but abortive, attack on Sheffield) scored one crucial hit in the hunt for the German battleship Bismarck.

What was the name of the battleship that sank in WWII?

USS Astoria (CA-34), USS Vincennes (CA-44), and USS Quincy (CA-39) were left eviscerated and sinking as the victorious Admiral Gunichi Mikawa set a course back to Rabaul, New Guinea.

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