Who wrote time of my life?


Who wrote time of my life?

Franke Previte
(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life/Lyricists

Did Patrick Swayze wrote She’s like the wind?

Patrick Swayze
Stacy Widelitz
She’s Like the Wind/Composers

Who wrote the music for Dirty Dancing?

John Morris
Dirty Dancing/Music composed by

How old is Jennifer Warnes?

74 years (March 3, 1947)
Jennifer Warnes/Age

Who is singing with Bill Medley?

With new singing partner Bucky Heard (left), Medley is bringing back classic songs like “Ebb Tide,” “Rock and Roll Heaven” and “Unchained Melody.” “For many years, it just seemed like it was too soon,” he said. “Then, after 12 or 13 years, I started missing The Righteous Brothers as much as the fans.”

Who sang the original song Time Of My Life?

Bill Medley
Jennifer Warnes
(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life/Artists

What was Jennifer Warnes biggest hit?

I Know A Heartache When I See One
Her 1979 single “I Know A Heartache When I See One”, was a Top 10 Country hit and reached the Top 20 on both the Pop and Adult Contemporary charts.

What was Joe Cocker’s net worth when he died?

Fire It Up, issued in 2012 on Sony. Joe died on December 22, 2014 at the age of 70. He had been battling lung cancer….Joe Cocker Net Worth.

Net Worth: $60 Million
Date of Birth: May 20, 1944 – Dec 22, 2014 (70 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.74 m)
Profession: Singer, Composer, Actor, Musician

Who was Bobby Hatfield’s partner?

In 1962, Hatfield joined with Medley who was in a group called the Paramours, and formed a five-member group using the same name: Paramours. They first performed at a club called John’s Black Derby in Santa Ana. Later they performed as a duo and named their singing act The Righteous Brothers.

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