Why did Charles strite invent the pop-up toaster?


Why did Charles strite invent the pop-up toaster?

In 1919, Minneapolis resident Charles P. Strite was working at a manufacturing plant in Stillwater. According to Strite, the cafeteria often served burnt toast. This inspired him to create a toaster that would toast bread automatically with minimal human intervention.

Who invented the first toaster that popped up bread after toasting in 1919?

Charles Strite
Charles Strite invented the modern timed pop-up toaster in 1919. Today, the toaster is the most common household appliance although it’s only been in existence in the U.S. a little over 100 years.

How did a toaster work in 1920?

During the 1920s, Americans bought more than a million electric toasters, usually for use right on the breakfast table. Early electric toasters browned only one side at a time and required users to watch, flip, and then remove each slice.

What year was the pop up toaster invented and by whom?

Charles Perkins Strite, inventor of the automatic toaster, is show in 1919, the year before he applied for a patent on his invention. This is the drawing Charles Perkins Strite submitted on June 22, 1920, for the world’s first pop-up toaster, Patent No. 1,394,450.

Who invented a pop up toaster?

Alan MacMasters

When was the first toaster patented?

In 1906, the first U.S. patent application for an electric toaster was filed by George Schneider of the American Electrical Heater Company of Detroit, using Marsh’s wire. General electric introduced their first electric toaster in 1909, using a competing alloy.

Who invented toasted bread?

The Egyptians generally get credit for leavened bread: the British Museum houses 5,000 year old Egyptian loaves, and King Tut was buried with a stalk of wheat, the symbol of Royalty. But Romans usually get the credit for toast.

When was toast first eaten?

The word toast comes from the Latin torrere ‘to burn’. One of the first references to toast in print is in a recipe for Oyle Soppys (flavoured onions stewed in a gallon of stale beer and a pint of oil) from 1430. In the 1400s and 1500s, toast was discarded or eaten after it was used as a flavoring for drinks.

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