Why did Jean Nicolet explore America?


Why did Jean Nicolet explore America?

Jean Nicolet landed at Red Banks, near modern-day Green Bay, Wisconsin, in search of a passage to the Orient. He and other French explorers had learned from their native contacts that the people who lived along these shores were called Ho-Chunk, which some French mistakenly translated as “People of the Sea”.

Did Jean Nicolet explore Lake Michigan?

In 1634 the French explorer Jean Nicolet became the first European to see Lake Michigan.

Why was Jean Nicolet important to the formation of New France or British North America?

By turn interpreter, explorer, public servant and colonist, Nicollet is one of the most prestigious figures in the history of North American exploration. Since the late 19th century, he has been credited as being as the first European to have sailed around Manitoulin Island to enter Lake Michigan.

Which French explorers explored the Great Lakes?

THIS is the order in which the Great Lakes were discovered by the French explorers: Huron in 1615, by Le Caron, the Recollect friar, and by Champlain, one of the greatest navigators in New France; Ontario, during the same year, by Champlain; Superior, about 1629, by Etienne Brule; Michigan, in 1634, by Jean Nicolet; …

What careers did Jean Nicolet have?

NICOLLET DE BELLEBORNE, JEAN, interpreter and clerk of the Compagnie des Cent-Associés, liaison officer between the French and the Indians, explorer; b. c. 1598, probably at Cherbourg (Normandy), son of Thomas Nicollet, king’s postal courier between Cherbourg and Paris, and of Marie de Lamer; drowned 27 Oct.

Who was Jean Nicolet and what did he do?

Jean Nicolet (zhäN nēkôlā´), 1598?–1642, French explorer in the Old Northwest. He came to New France with Samuel de Champlain in 1618. In 1634, under the direction of Champlain, he took a notable voyage west in search of the Northwest Passage, exploring Lake Michigan, Green Bay, and the Fox River.

How old was Jean Nicolet when he discovered Lake Michigan?

Jean Nicolet, (born 1598, Cherbourg, France—died Nov. 1, 1642, Sillery, Que., Can.), French North American explorer who was the first known European to discover Lake Michigan and what is now the state of Wisconsin. The son of a dispatch carrier, Nicolet was 20 years old when he traveled to New France (Canada) at the request of Samuel de Champlain.

Why was Jean Nicolet important to the fur trade?

…was the French Canadian explorer Jean Nicolet, in 1634. The bay was the head of an important portage route for the fur trade between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River by way of the Fox and Wisconsin rivers.

Where did Jean Nicolet and the Puans meet?

Ronald Stiebe proposed that Nicolet didn’t even go to Lake Michigan, but that the Puans were actually Algonquin people and Nicolet met them at Keweenaw Bay, Michigan.

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