Why do apartments have weight limits on dogs?


One of the most common restrictions placed on dogs is weight limits. Usually, building owners are concerned about damage the dogs could do coming in and out of entryways, Feldman said. … Using weight restrictions is also a way to get around using the term “aggressive breeds.”

Why is there a weight limit on dogs in apartments?

Some common reasons for the restrictions might be because pets can cause property damage, other tenants can file noise complains, and it can lower the overall value of the building.

Why do apartments have pet limits?

Some of the restrictions you can expect when pets are allowed in your apartment building include: … This is because your dog or cat is more likely to cost your landlord when it comes to deodorizing your apartment when you move out. (This is especially true when your pet isn’t too well trained)

Do landlords weigh your dog?

Landlord-Set Specifics

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Weight limits are also legal, letting your landlord declare that pets must weigh less than a specified weight like 20 or 30 pounds. California, however, passed a law in 2012 that states landlords may not limit pets based on certain requirements.

Why do apartments not allow certain dog breeds?

There’s a high number of dog breeds found on the restricted lists because landlords want to avoid liability as well as any possible damage to the property. … If the property is not adequately prepared for certain breeds, the property manager may choose to ban them.

Why do apartments have a 2 pet limit?

Apartment pet policies are in place to help them minimize the potential damage from a renter, not because they don’t like your pet. … For example if an apartment does not accept aggressive breed dogs or exotic pets, they certainly aren’t going to accept two or three.

Are apartments bad for dogs?

Big or small, many dogs are comfortable living in apartments, but there are still steps their owners should take every day to keep them happy and healthy. A dog’s size and energy level can cause problems for owners who live in small spaces, but that doesn’t mean raising a dog there is impossible.

How do I get around apartment pet restrictions?

Even those that are may have imposed breed restrictions. Many apartment complexes have breed restrictions on dogs.

Here are some tips to help you mitigate a breed restriction.

  • Don’t Try to Hide Your Pet. …
  • Create a Pet Resume. …
  • Provide References. …
  • Show Training Certifications. …
  • Show Insurance or Offer to Purchase Pet Insurance.

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Can dogs be banned from apartments?

This change in the law means that any strata by-law that places a ban on pets is from now on invalid and in breach of the NSW strata schemes legislation. “Pet owners can no longer be banned from bringing their animals to live in an apartment that they own.

Can strata refuse pets?

Animals entering the scheme

An owners corporation can only refuse to allow an animal into the strata scheme if the animal unreasonably interferes with another resident’s use and enjoyment of their lot or the common property.

What’s the weight limit for dogs on airplanes?

Generally, if your dog in its carrier can fit under the seat in front of you, it can go in the cabin. So that means a dog weighing up to about 20 pounds.

Why are so many rentals No pets?

The main reason is that tenants sometimes misinterpret the regulation and bypass the no-pet policy. An emotional support animal isn’t considered a pet, so a landlord can’t charge any fees or pet deposits. Landlords know that getting a medical prescription from a psychiatrist isn’t hard.

How do you have a dog in an apartment that doesn’t allow dogs?

Try to negotiate with your landlord instead.

  1. You can explain to a potential landlord that you have a dog. If there are any reasons you cannot give the dog up, let him or her know. …
  2. Offer to write up a contract. You could provide a legal document promising to take care of any damages done by your dog.

Why are Huskies banned from apartments?

Nonetheless, Siberian Huskies are now included in the list of breeds banned by insurance companies for homeowner’s insurance. … Few studies have ever shown that Siberian Huskies are breed possessing high tendencies to bite people.

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How do Apartments check dog breeds?

Your dog could be called in for a pet interview. Some apartment communities judge by the individual dog, and if that’s the case, your pet will be called in for a pet interview. A pet interview allows the landlord to meet your pet and make the decision based on the interaction they have rather than the dog’s breed.

Why do Apartments ban pit bulls?

What are breed restrictions? … Breed restrictions came about to protect people from what some consider “dangerous” or aggressive dog breeds — especially pit bulls. In other words, if aggressive dogs aren’t allowed in, there’s likely less chance of attacks or dog bites within the apartment community.

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