Why does blue dye diffuse faster than Red Dye?


Why does blue dye diffuse faster than Red Dye?

Diffusion is inversely proportional to molecular weight. The lesser is the molecular weight, the faster the molecules diffuse. The Red dye difuses faster that the blue dye since the blue dye has a higher molecular weight.

How does the size of a solute affect the rate of diffusion consider the size and shape of a molecule in your response?

How does the size of a solute affect the rate of diffusion? Consider the shape and size of a molecule in your response. Size affects the rate of diffusion because of membrane permeability factors. If a molecule is too large, however, it may not be able to fit through the pore and thus diffusion will become restricted.

Does the rate of diffusion correspond with the molecular weight of the solution?

The rate of diffusion is affected by the molecular weight of the molecule that is diffusing. The heavier the solute is, the slower the molecules move…

How does the dye relate to diffusion?

The food coloring mixes through the hot water faster than it mixes with the cold water. This makes it easier for the dye to get mixed throughout the hot water. Because diffusion happens from high concentration to low concentration, the more molecules are moving, the more opportunities they have to mix together.

What is your hypothesis for this experiment diffusion?

What is your hypothesis for this experiment? The greater the concentration gradient, the faster the diffusion rate.

How does solute size affect diffusion?

Mass of the molecules diffusing: Heavier molecules move more slowly; therefore, they diffuse more slowly. Lower temperatures decrease the energy of the molecules, thus decreasing the rate of diffusion. Solvent density: As the density of a solvent increases, the rate of diffusion decreases.

Why does molecular weight affect diffusion rate?

In which medium did diffusion happen at the fastest rate and why?

Remember that the particles still move, even when the smell is evenly spread. You do not have to mix the gases by waving your arms around – they mix on their own. Diffusion in gases is quick because the particles in a gas move quickly. It happens even faster in hot gases because the particles of gas move faster.

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