Why does my Jeep Cherokee shut off when I stop?


Why does my Jeep Cherokee shut off when I stop?

If the torque converter is broken, or if there is a low fluid level in the transmission, the converter will not do its job, and the car will be unable to maintain power at low speeds, which causes the engine to shut off. A defective TCS or torque converter solenoid can also cause this issue.

How do you reset the key on a Jeep Cherokee?

With the door still open, move the switch on the door to the “LOCK” position. Turn the key to the “ON” position in the ignition. Press the “LOCK” button on your remote and hold for five seconds. Release the button and remove the key from the ignition to see if you successfully handled Jeep Key fob programming!

How do you reset the security system on a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

What you need to do is first lock the doors, and close them. Then you need to disconnect, and reconnect the battery cable, then if the security lights still blink you must use your key to unlock the door, then it should stop blinking, and start just fine.

What does the A with a circle mean in a Jeep?

Stop/Start Active Light – A Cherokee equipped with Stop/Start technology shows an “A” inside an open circle that indicates you are in Auto-Stop mode.

When do you know your Jeep Cherokee ignition switch is bad?

If your Jeep Cherokee is starting right up, but then immediately dies, that is a very good indication that the ignition switch is bad. Here’s what happens. You aren’t getting power to the ignition or fuel pump while the key “rests” in the run position.

What happens if your ignition switch goes bad?

Problems when removing the key: If your ignition switch is worn out, it may be difficult to turn or remove the key. On the other hand, if the switch is going bad, the engine may keep running after you take the key out. Typically, the ignition switch has four positions:

What happens if you turn off the engine without a key?

The ignition cylinder is mechanically connected to the steering wheel lock, so a potential thief cannot steer the car without the key. If you turn off the engine with the steering wheel turned or turn the steering wheel after turning off the engine, the steering wheel lock can bind and prevent you from turning the ignition.

Where is the neutral safety switch on a Jeep Cherokee?

This is the source of the Jeep’s ignition issues, but is easily replaced by any mechanically competent owner. The neutral safety switch is located on the transmission, where the shift lever attaches. Replacing it simply involves removing the attached wires, pulling out the sensor, installing the new one and adjusting it.

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