Why does the professor say that we must assume that Lucy is telling the truth about Narnia?


Why does the professor say that we must assume that Lucy is telling the truth about Narnia?

Why does the Professor say that “we must assume” that Lucy is telling the truth about Narnia? Because he doesn’t believe in Narnia but Lucy begged him to tell the others there was such a place. They followed Lucy inside the wardrobe because they did not believe she was telling the truth about Narnia.

Why are Peter and Susan surprised by the professor’s response?

Feeling that they are getting out of their league and fearing that Lucy is losing her mind, Peter and Susan decide to seek the advice of the Professor. When they speak to him, they are surprised to find that he appears to believe Lucy’s story.

What reasons does the professor give for believing Lucy?

Why do you think the Professor was willing to believe Lucy’s story? The professor asks the children to think about past experience. He points out that Lucy is known to never tell a lie because she is an honest girl. However, Edmund has told lies in the past.

What does the professor give as the three possibilities?

According to the Professor, what are the three possibilities he gives about Lucy’s story? Edmund lies more, he’s seen Narnia, and magic can happen.

How did the professor respond to their account of Lucy’s story?

Peter and Susan were concerned about Lucy’s story of another country inside the wardrobe. How did the Professor respond to their account of Lucy’s story? He seemed unconcerned, and even as if he thought it could be true. You just studied 23 terms!

What was unusual about the professor’s house in Narnia?

The unusual thing about the professor’s house was that it was very antique and often had tourists visiting it.

Which of Lucy’s siblings goes to Narnia next?

She is ultimately crowned Queen Lucy the Valiant, co-ruler of Narnia along with her two brothers and her sister….

Lucy Pevensie
Gender Female
Title Queen Lucy the Valiant
Family Mr and Mrs Pevensie (parents); Peter, Susan and Edmund Pevensie (siblings); Eustace Scrubb (cousin)

Why did the siblings decide not to just go home?

The siblings decide not to just go home because they wanted to help Mr. Tumnus escape. What was Peter worried about? Peter was worried about not having enough food.

What is the moral lesson in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe?

The message of Narnia, according to Pullman, is that “death is better than life; boys are better than girls; light- coloured people are better than dark-coloured people; and so on” (The Guardian, 1998).

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