Why is Scottsdale Arizona so expensive?


Why is Scottsdale Arizona so expensive?

However, when it comes to supplementary goods such as clothes, jewelry and cars, expect to pay more than residents in other Arizona cities. This is due to the fact that Scottsdale mainly carries high-end brands, stores, boutiques and vehicles, so homeowners are paying extra for the superior quality they are receiving.

Is Scottsdale Arizona a rich town?

Scottsdale is a prosperous place. Only Paradise Valley in the entire metro Phoenix area has a higher median income. Some of the places where the wealthiest people live are expected. They are north of Bell Road, in some cases pretty far north.

Is Flagstaff higher in elevation than Phoenix?

Flagstaff has an elevation of 6,910 feet (2,106 m), which actually makes it the highest city in the entire state of Arizona. The state capital of Arizona, Phoenix, has an elevation of just 1,086 feet (331 m), which is much, much lower than Flagstaff.

Is it cheaper to live in Scottsdale or Phoenix?

Housing costs play a big role in the cost of living in Phoenix versus Scottsdale. That’s the one area where Scottsdale is more expensive. Average rent in Phoenix is $1,170 compared to $1,530 in Scottsdale.

Does David Spade live in Scottsdale AZ?

David Spade- The “Saturday Night Live” comedian and actor moved to Scottsdale when he was 4. Spade lived in McCormick Ranch, Scottsdale’s first upscale master-planned community, according to Alexandra Duemer, founder and editor of McCormick Ranch Lifestyle Magazine, and the McCormick Ranch Property Owners’ Association.

What are the pros and cons of living in Scottsdale Arizona?


  • Pro: For most months of the year, you’ll enjoy the most perfect weather imaginable.
  • Con: Arizona summers can be serious scorchers.
  • Pro: The Arizona job market is full of opportunities.
  • Con: Competition can be tough for candidates.
  • Pro: There are many housing options available for new residents.

What is the nicest part of Scottsdale?

Top 5 Areas to Live in Scottsdale AZ

  • 1 – South Scottsdale – Quaint & Artistic.
  • 2 – Downtown Scottsdale – Young & Lively.
  • 3 – Gainey Ranch – Safe & Clean.
  • 4 – McCormick Ranch – Suburban & Outdoor Beauty.
  • 5 – Paradise Valley – Quiet & Luxury Living.

Where is the highest elevation in Arizona?

Humphreys Peak
Flagstaff is located near the center of Northern Arizona at the juncture of Interstate 17 and Interstate 40, about 150 miles north of Phoenix, AZ and 80 miles south of the Grand Canyon. Elevation of San Francisco Peaks: Humphreys Peak is the highest point in Arizona at 12,633 feet (3,851 meters).

Which is better Sedona or Scottsdale?

Both are great but very different, but as RedRox has mentioned, Sedona is closer to Grand Canyon (Painted Desert is all over east of GC) and location of Sedona is superb. Nightlife is better in Scottsdale though.

Do any celebrities live in Scottsdale AZ?

With the multi-million-dollar homes and upscale appearances of Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, the communities have been home to many professional athletes, musicians and B-list celebrities over the years. Swimming legend Michael Phelps is pictured with wifeNicole and son Boomer.

What is the population of Scottsdale AZ?

Scottsdale demographics profile. Scottsdale, AZ has a population of 234,495 and is the 91st largest city in the United States. The population density is 1,275 per sq mi which is 2117% higher than the Arizona average and 1307% higher than the national average.

What is Arizona’s lowest elevation?

This elevation map of Arizona illustrates the number of feet or meters the state rises above sea level. The lowest areas of the state are along the Colorado River where a low point of 70 feet above sea level is reached. The highest point in Arizona is in the northern part of the state .

What is Arizona’s elevations?

Arizona spans about 335 miles (539 km) at its widest, and 390 miles (628 km) at its longest, and has an average elevation of about 4,000 feet (1,200 m). Aug 15 2019

What is the topography of Arizona?

Topography. Arizona is a state of extraordinary topographic diversity and beauty. The Colorado Plateau, which covers two-fifths of the state in the north, is an arid upland region characterized by deep canyons, notably the Grand Canyon, a vast gorge more than 200 mi (320 km) long, up to 18 mi (29 km) wide,…

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