You asked: How do you know if your dog has a prey drive?


Prey drive is a dog’s instinctual need to chase and catch things. This is a fairly common behaviour to witness. A dog that loves to play fetch, chase squirrels or cats has a strong prey drive. A dog that lifts its head to watch a ball roll by does not have a big prey drive.

How do I know if my dog has a strong prey drive?

If outings with your dog are chaotic because of his tendency to chase other animals, or if your sweet pup has ever horrified you by bouncing up with a wiggling rabbit in his mouth, you might have a dog with a strong prey drive.

How do you fix a dog’s prey drive?

How can I tame my dog’s prey drive?

  1. 1) Become aware of your dog’s prey drive. …
  2. 2) Redirect your dog’s attention away from the prey. …
  3. 3) Use positive reinforcement. …
  4. 4) Be sure not to encourage the prey drive. …
  5. 5) Train your dog’s recall. …
  6. 6) Encourage off-leash walking and other healthy activities.

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What is a high prey drive in a dog?

Some dogs love to run, others like to retrieve, and some can’t stop themselves from chasing anything that moves! Those pups most likely have a high prey drive. Dogs with high prey drives have strong instincts to hunt. They tend to go after moving objects, whether they’re birds, critters, or leaves blowing in the wind!

Can you stop a dogs prey drive?

Crating your dog indoors, installing an outdoor dog run and installing proper fencing are all good ways of how to tame prey drive in a dog, how to get a dog to stop chasing cats and preventing problems from happening.

Which dogs have a low prey drive?

Nine Dog Breeds With Low Prey Drive

  • Maltese.
  • Japanese Chin.
  • Bichon Frisé
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
  • Viszla.
  • Golden Retriever.
  • Boxer.
  • Old English Sheepdog.

Should you let your dog chase squirrels?

Most dogs love to chase toys, balls, and wildlife. … While allowing your dog to hunt or sniff after squirrels might not seem problematic, this behavior can quickly escalate and cause potentially dangerous situations to occur.

Do pitbulls have high prey drive?

Many Pit Bulls can also be very high drive dogs. Drive in dogs can be loosely translated as the dogs natural desire and commitment to do or achieve something. Since this breed was originally used to hunt rats, they can have a very strong prey drive.

Does neutering reduce prey drive?

Prey drive is not dominance aggression and neutering is not going to diminish prey drive. Neutering an adult dog will hardly ever effect dog aggression or handler aggression. In fact, studies have shown that neutering adult females often makes them more dog aggressive rather than less dog aggressive.

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What breed of dog is least likely to run away?

11 Dog Breeds That Don’t Run Away

  • Cocker Spaniel. …
  • French Bulldog. …
  • German Shepherd. …
  • Golden Retrievers. …
  • Labrador Retrievers. …
  • Maltese. …
  • 10 Old English Sheepdog. SaveBackroadsoulpuppies|Old English Sheepdog …
  • 11 Vizsla. If you are looking for a loyal dog that won’t run away, the Vizsla is a great choice.

What is it called when a dog shakes its prey?

One possible answer is “predatory drift,” a term coined by veterinarian, behaviorist, and dog trainer Ian Dunbar. Sometimes, when a big dog and tiny dog play together, the big dog’s ancestral DNA kicks in, and he thinks that tiny dog is prey. Maybe the little one yelped. Maybe he just ran the other way.

Do labs have high prey drive?

Generally speaking, Labradors have a strong prey drive. But they can readily be trained to keep it in check by actively redirecting unwanted prey drive behaviors with hunting style games.

How do I train my dog not to bark when chasing cars?


  1. Keep your dog on a leash or in a fenced-in yard to prevent them from chasing any distractions.
  2. Don’t allow your dog off-leash whenever you go for a walk.
  3. Train your dog to come to you when you call and practice training them in impulse control. …
  4. Seek help from a dog behaviorist.

Can you train a hunting dog not to hunt?

Teaching your dog not to hunt can be challenging and rewarding for you both. … Teaching him that hunting is not an activity you are going to do together is going to take some patience, some repetition, and extreme commitment to your dog and your desires of not having a hunting dog.

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