You asked: How do you teach a small dog to go down stairs?


Start by picking up and putting your dog on the first step from the bottom of the staircase and hold a treat in front of his nose. Most dogs can negotiate one step. When your dog sets off the first step onto the ground, give him the treat. Repeat a few times a day for a couple of days.

How do I get my dog to go down the stairs?

Wave a few treats in front of his nose, and lure him down the step. Again, use lots of positive reinforcement to encourage him. Once he is comfortable with a single step, move him up one more, and lure him down with treats.

How do I get my old dog to go up and down stairs?

If your house or apartment is set up in a way that your dog has to navigate stairs, you should try to make them as secure as possible for your pup. Put down some carpet on the steps and also on the floor beneath the stairs. Simply having secure footing can already make your dog happier to go down the stairs.

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Why won’t my dog go down the stairs anymore?

If your dog isn’t scared of the stairs, their hesitation might be connected to their age. It’s common for older dogs to have joint and muscle issues, especially if they’re large. Problems like arthritis can affect senior dogs and make it feel impossible for them to get up the stairs.

What age can dogs go up and down stairs?

Puppies can usually climb stairs safely at the ages of 12 to 16 weeks. However, this is very much breed and size dependent, as some puppies will still not be big enough at the point to successfully navigate a staircase.

How do I get my large dog to go down stairs?

Wrap Arms Around Both Sets of Legs

One arm will wrap around the front set of legs, while the other arm is going to focus on the other set. You don’t want to have the arms too low when doing this. Instead, they should be closer to the top half of the legs to make sure the large dog doesn’t slip out of your arms!

Are stairs bad for dogs?

Stairs are an added hazard for small dogs, increasing not only the risk of falling, but also the potential for premature joint wear caused by the impact of scaling stairs.

Are stairs bad for old dogs?

Stairs can be bad for older dogs for a number of reasons. Senior dogs may develop poor eyesight, balance and mobility issues due to arthritis or other health issues, as well as having to eliminate more often. These conditions can all lead to falls or injuries from having to navigate indoor and outdoor steps.

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What can I put on my dogs ramp to keep it from slipping?

Paw-Pads are adhesive nonslip traction pads that are applied directly to the paw surface to help increase paw grip. Rubber booties are also an option to consider for increasing paw grip. There are several different brands available and many can also be purchased in a pet store.

Is it bad for dogs to run up and down stairs?

It’s the exercise that’s appropriate for dogs with any kind of knee or hip issue. For pure cardiovascular exercise for a healthy dog, running up and down stairs is the way to go. … Stair climbing is a great way to give your dog a full workout, and help build or rebuild muscles particularly those in the hind end.

How do I know if my dog is in pain?

If your dog is in pain they may:

  1. Show signs of agitation.
  2. Cry out, yelp or growl.
  3. Be sensitive to touch or resent normal handling.
  4. Become grumpy and snap at you.
  5. Be quiet, less active, or hide.
  6. Limp or be reluctant to walk.
  7. Become depressed and stop eating.
  8. Have rapid, shallow breathing and an increased heart rate.


Can small dogs go up and down stairs?

Simply watching your dog go up and down the stairs won’t prevent an accident, but it will keep them safe from other potential health problems or conditions that could be even more serious. … “They might also struggle on stairs if they have vestibular disease, which affects balance.

Should I let my puppy go up and down stairs?

It is strongly recommended that you keep your puppy away from stairs and steep drops, as running up and down stairs can damage a puppy’s delicate growth plates, causing long-term damage.

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Is it OK for puppy to jump off couch?

“Dogs shouldn’t jump on and off couches”

Jumping on and off the couch isn’t ideal for dogs because of the combination of different surfaces. Going from hard to soft (and vice versa) increases the likelihood of twists and injuries, as does repeating a ‘high load’ activity over and over.

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