Your question: Can you sleep at a Greyhound bus station?


Fortunately, in most of these situations passengers who are waiting for buses are allowed to stay inside the station even though it is technically closed. Security will lock the doors and no one will be able to enter unless they have a bus ticket.

Can I bring a pillow on a Greyhound bus?

Carry your blanket and your pillow in your arm— wrapped tightly so that they look small. Small does sell in Greyhound buses. However, you can bring a reasonably sized suitcase for the cargo area, plus pay extra if you have more than one suitcase.

Why is Greyhound bus so bad?

The plain fact is that more poor people take the bus because it is cheap. Some people find that distasteful. The busses can be a little unclean and cramped. It also can take significantly longer than flying so people often have a dim view of them.

How do you sleep on a bus?

Our best tips for sleeping on a bus!

  1. Get comfortable and warm enough. Comfort is paramount for long bus journeys and the buses can often get quite cold at night. …
  2. Pack a Pillow. …
  3. Eye Masks. …
  4. Sit in the Middle. …
  5. Keep your Valuables Secure. …
  6. Snacks. …
  7. Headphones, Music, or Earplugs. …
  8. Splurge on first class.

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Do Greyhounds stop for food?

The Greyhound bus typically stops every 2 to 4 hours for a food break. … The bus will usually stop at a convenience store, a fast food restaurant, or a combination of both. Passengers are allowed to get off the bus and purchase food which they can either eat off the bus or bring back on the bus to eat later.

Does Greyhound check your carry on bags?

Greyhound allows you to bring one carry-on bag and up to two checked bags with each adult ticket purchase. Your carry-on and checked bag will be included in the price of the ticket. … You can store you carry-on in the overhead bins or under your seat.

Is there WIFI on Greyhound?

Wi-Fi is free on all Greyhound buses, and for all passengers.

How Safe Is Greyhound?

You are pretty safe inside the Greyhound bus station, but outside is a whole different ballgame. I personally know several people who have been robbed right outside of Greyhound bus stations. Stay inside and don’t risk encountering an incident that could end your trip (or worse).

Can you take alcohol on Greyhound?

Food, drinks and accessories: Alcohol is not permitted at all – on board or in under the bus baggage. Snacks, drinks and plastic cutlery are ok on-board. Any glass containers or metal cutlery must be in under the bus baggage. Sharp objects: Most aren’t allowed on board but can be packed in under the bus baggage.

What’s the safest place to sit on a bus?

Where’s the safest place on a bus? If you ride on a bus, stand near the bus driver or near an exit. If you find a seat, sit with your back to the side of the bus so you can see people in the front and back of the bus.

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How do you become comfortable on a bus?

Gear up for your adventure and read our tips and how you can make your bus ride as comfortable as possible!

  1. Take the overnight bus. …
  2. Pack light. …
  3. Pack a blanket and neck pillow. …
  4. Use earplugs and an eye mask. …
  5. Bring tissues. …
  6. Pack some snacks and drinks. …
  7. Choose your seat carefully. …
  8. Take off your shoes.

Which is cheaper Greyhound or Amtrak?

Amtrak is more comfortable, Greyhound is more flexible. Greyhound is cheap and goes everywhere, but is the least pleasant possible experience. You will probably be delayed by hours, and harrased by lunatics. Amtrak is lovely but much much more expensive (e.g. $100+ for a 3 hour ride).

How do you get on a Greyhound bus without ID?

I spoke with Greyhound Customer service on June 21, 2019. A person without an official ID has one option, which is to pre-pay a ticket online. It has an $18.00 fee on top of the ticket price and is only available in the United States, but it may be your only option.

Do Greyhound seats recline?

Greyhound buses are comfortable, but if you sit on them for more than four hours the ride can become a real pain. The seats do recline quite far back, so you might be able to get some good sleep.

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