Best Loan Apps in the Philippines in 2021


Why are online loan apps so popular?

Loan apps are becoming more popular nowadays. More and more Filipinos prefer to apply for a loan by simply pulling out their smartphones and opening the app. Statistics show that more than half of all borrowers want to apply for loans online and find out online what is the best loan app in Philippines.  It’s not surprising, given that gadgets have become an indispensable part of modern life. They make our daily lives much easier.

Online loan apps in the Philippines offer a slew of enticing benefits to prospective borrowers which includes mobility advantage. Without leaving the house or office, one can easily compare loan terms from various lenders using one’s smartphone. Creating a basic profile only requires only an ID card, online registration without a meeting, and borrowers do not need to prove their source of income. These loans have minimal documentation requirements and do not necessitate the use of collateral, a guarantor, or an excellent credit score. It is the automated system that evaluates loans, makes decisions, and transfers funds to the customer in a completely unbiased manner. The system ensures the security of the customer’s sensitive data. Most loan apps with low interest rates attract the attention of borrowers with favorable terms and conditions.

The entire loan application and disbursement process take only a few hours. As a result, online loans are referred to as Single Day Loans and have a loan approval rate as high as 90%. Online loan apps also allow easy tracking and paying of loans.

How to take a loan through a mobile app?

Looking for mobile loan apps involves searching for keywords such as “online apps loan”, “loan app in the Philippines with low interest rate”. There are numerous programs available in the Appstore, GooglePlay, Playmarket, and other stores through which you can obtain a loan; however, the question is whether you can trust such an offer.

Download the loan applications from reputable websites, such as Google Play for Android users and the App Store for Apple users. Remember to select apps with the highest ratings and well-known names.

What are the best free loan apps in the Philippines?

Searching for the best free loan apps in the Philippines  won’t take you long, but we’ve done some of the work for you. Here is a list of legit online lending apps with low interest rate in the Philippines.


Formerly known as Robocash, is one of the most popular legit loan apps with a large branch network in the Philippines. Digido distinguishes itself from its competitors by providing a fully automated online portal as well as highly innovative, customer-friendly financial solutions. With its automated loan lending system, it makes separate and individual decisions on each application and transfers funds in a matter of hours or minutes. This is a loan app with low interest and provides promotional loans to non-collateral loans of up to Php 25,000.

Digido, being a legitimate lender, strictly follows all lending rules and regulations. It does not raise interest rates to recoup whatever risks it suffers from borrowers with poor credit histories. Similarly, it does not engage in unethical practices such as charging hidden fees or demanding upfront commissions to take advantage of the applicant’s vulnerable position. Since the company is fully aware that not every Filipino can apply for loans through online platforms or mobile applications, it provides available assistance for anyone who wants to secure the right loans without any confusion or inconvenience. Clients are given the option of making a loan in person at its office or online at its website. We recommend Digido as a great automated and profitable loan application.

Online Loans Pilipinas App

If you’re looking for an online lending app with a simple application process, this is the fast cash loan app in the Philippines for you. If you do not have a bank account, the funds can be transferred to your GCash within 2 hours. Although choosing to disburse the loan to your bank account increases your chances of approval by 30% with Online Loans Pilipinas.

Juanhand App

Juanhand App is one of the Philippines’ Fintech loan platforms offering 24-hour approval cash loans online whenever and wherever. This is a quick loan application that requires only an ID card. You must be a Filipino citizen and age between 20 and 60. This app has a loan limit of Php 1,000 to Php 10,000 and borrowers are not required to provide proof of income or collateral. Obtaining a loan takes only 15 minutes and is disbursed through the borrower’s bank account.


UnaCash is an all-digital cash loan application that provides a convenient and seamless experience while offering low-interest rates. It is a quick and no-hassle online cash loan app with loan amounts ranging from Php 1,000 to Php 20,000. UnaCash does not need bank visits and has no hidden fees in its loans. Benefits of applying for loans in this app include early repayment, approval in as little as 24 hours, no need to visit an offline office, and a simple and quick repayment process. To be entitled to apply for UnaCash, one must be 18 years old and above, a Filipino citizen, and have a valid e-mail address and mobile number.


Money Cat is a financial and technological platform designed to give Filipinos above 20 years old financial mobility as well as the option of instant borrowing at any time of day. This app is built with mobile Internet security technology and Big Data analysis. Money Cat’s application allows you to receive credit for terms ranging from 90 to 180 days. Borrowers do not pay a fee for the transaction. Money Cat’s main advantage is the ability to obtain the necessary funds at the office or at home. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete the online application. Also, it provides low interest rates for regular clients, the ability to increase limits, and reliable privacy and security of user data and operational support services. Loan payments can be made at any 7-Eleven, Bayad Center, LBC, SM Payment Counters, Robinsons Department Store, ECPay Center, or through bank cash payment or GCash.


Atome is a loan app that provides users with easy, friendly, and dependable loans online. It has a simplified loan application process with only one valid ID requirement and cash is available within 24-48 hours. Filipino residents between the ages of 18 to 55 are eligible to apply and are granted a loan from Php 1,000 to Php 4,000 with a gradual increase up to Php 15,000 depending on the user’s credit standing. Early or on-time payments ensure lower interest rates, higher loan limits, and longer loan terms.   Payments can be made at any 7-Eleven or Bayad Center.


Easycash is a Philippine financial institution that specializes in crediting and financing individuals, small, and medium-sized businesses through its own team of financial experts. The goal is to make it easier for Filipinos to obtain loans for a variety of purposes. Easycash can provide customized lending and borrowing products and services based on industry data and analytics. All of these are supported by online risk management and operational tools.


LoanChamp is another good option that only requires borrowers to apply with a single valid ID. This is beneficial for self-employed individuals who are unable to provide a certificate of employment. Despite the fact that others were turned down on the first try, it will eventually approve borrowers.

Pera 24/7 App

Pera24/7 is a mobile app that provides a maximum of Php 30,000 for purchases. For new borrowers, InstantLoan or instant cash is available. For established borrowers, the InstallmentLoan Program or larger loans at lower interest rates are available. Meanwhile, eShoppingLoan allows clients to shop online at partner merchants and pay it back in installments. It only takes a few taps on one’s smartphone for money to be sent immediately after approval. There is only one valid ID and one selfie required. No documents or face-to-face interaction are needed. The total cost of loans is displayed through the app to ensure that there are no hidden fees.


From the list of legit online lending apps, clearly, Digido is the best app of all as it is always ready and available to cater to the unique needs of Filipinos. The financial sector is a breeding ground for new ideas and technologies. Every day, something new in Fintech emerges to make it easier and more convenient for ordinary Filipinos to access financial services. Microfinance organizations, in order to meet as many users’ needs as possible, develop and launch new mobile versions that allow for faster and more convenient online loan applications. Just keep an eye out for new developments and information about emerging trends.

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