Does it get colder the higher up you go?


Does it get colder the higher up you go?

The energy needed to heat up the Earth’s atmosphere comes mainly from the Sun. The reason why the air temperature rises is due mainly to the heat re-emitted from the ground through various physical processes (including radiation, convection and turbulence). So, the higher you go up, the colder it gets.

Does the temperature decrease as you go higher?

As you increase in elevation, there is less air above you thus the pressure decreases. As the pressure decreases, air molecules spread out further (i.e. air expands), and the temperature decreases.

Why is colder at higher altitude?

High-altitude locations are usually much colder than areas closer to sea level. This is due to the low air pressure. Air expands as it rises, and the fewer gas molecules—including nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide—have fewer chances to bump into each other.

Why are lower elevations hotter?

Air at higher altitude is under less pressure than air at lower altitude because there is less weight of air above it, so it expands (and cools), while air at lower altitude is under more pressure so it contracts (and heats up).

Why is it colder the higher up you go?

This in turn causes the other particles next to it to vibrate too. The main difference between the air particles and the dominoes is that over time, the energy that causes the air particles to vibrate decreases. This is why it’s colder as you go higher up, because the particles move less.

Why is the air colder at higher altitudes?

(The “atmosphere” is what we call the swirling air that surrounds our planet.) But the atmosphere isn’t very good at holding onto the warmth from the Sun. The heat just slips straight through it. (For the adults reading: that’s because air at higher altitudes thins out as the gas particles expand and lose energy.)

Why is space colder than the sun or earth?

Answer 2: So you know that the sun is really hot, but space is really cold. Since the temperature of the Earth is so much hotter than space, you’d expect that the closer you get to space the colder it gets. Eventually as you get closer to the sun, the temperature will start to increase.

Why is it so cold at the top of a mountain?

At the top of mountains it can get so cold people could die within minutes without special protection. That’s because the air up there is just really bad at “holding onto” the radiation coming from the Sun, and the warmth passes straight through it on its journey toward the ground.

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