How do I ask my landlord to get a dog?


How do I approach my landlord about getting a dog?

How to Talk to Your Landlord About Getting a Pet (Especially If You Live in a No-Pet Apartment)

  1. Double-check the apartment policy.
  2. Communicate with your landlord.
  3. Offer to let your landlord get to know your potential pet.
  4. Make sure your potential pet is cohesive to your lifestyle.
  5. Get the proper training and tools.

How can I convince my landlord to let me have a pet?

Make sure the landlord/estate agent knows that there will be someone at home with your dog. Reassure them that it won’t be left at home alone all day while you go to work. Landlords don’t want a frustrated dog being left in their property unattended all day (and it’s also unfair on the dog).

Can landlords say no pets?

There is no term in the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 that prohibits you from keeping a pet, or that requires you to ask for your landlord’s consent before you keep a pet.

Why are so many rentals No pets?

The main reason is that tenants sometimes misinterpret the regulation and bypass the no-pet policy. An emotional support animal isn’t considered a pet, so a landlord can’t charge any fees or pet deposits. Landlords know that getting a medical prescription from a psychiatrist isn’t hard.

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Why landlords don’t want pets?

Why landlords refuse pets: Worries about pets smelling. Worries about damage to the property. Worries about pets not being properly trained.

What happens if you get a dog without landlords permission?

In some cases, your landlord may fine you if you sneak in a pet without approval. Fines are generally assessed per pet. And while some landlords might charge a set amount, others can attempt to charge you for every day the pet lives in your rental.

Can landlords say no to pets 2021?

Landlords can also restrict their tenant’s right to keep dogs or domestic animals if they hold a certificate of exemption. Such certificates may be issued if: The landlord or another tenant has a religious or medical reason not to come into contact with a dog or domestic animal.

Will my landlord let me have a dog?

Your lease may not state that pets are prohibited, but it may have been implied when you first moved in. Or, your lease may specifically state “no pets” or “no dogs.” If this is the case, you likely won’t be able to get a dog until you move elsewhere.

What is considered a small dog when renting?

What is Considered a Small Dog for Apartments? … Most times, complexes that allow canine tenants have general weight limits on dogs per apartment home. That limit is often set at 75lbs. Apartment policies may vary, but the limit for dogs is often under 75 pounds.

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