How do students submit assignments in Moodle?


How do students submit assignments in Moodle?

Submit an Assignment

  1. Links to assignments can always be found in the sections down the center of the Moodle course page.
  2. Select the link to the assignment.
  3. Select Add submission.
  4. To enter online text, type directly into the Online text box.
  5. To submit a file using drag-and-drop:
  6. To browse for a file:

How do you edit submissions in Moodle?

To edit an existing file you have recently uploaded:

  1. Locate the relevant Assignment Summary page within your unit.
  2. Select the relevant file from the File Submission box.
  3. From the pop up that appears, you may choose to edit the relevant file information as needed.
  4. To save your changes, select the purple Update button.

How do I find submitted assignments on Moodle?

On your course page, select the name of the assignment activity. The Assignment page will open and display the description of the assignment and a summary of submissions. Below the summary, select View/grade all submissions. The Grading page will open.

How do I download an assignment from Moodle?


  1. In your Moodle course, click into the assignment activity you want to get the submissions for.
  2. From the Grading Summary page for the assignment activity, click View/Grade All Submissions.
  3. Look at the Grading actions dropdown menu, choose Download all submissions.

How do I use Moodle platform?

Step-by-step instructions to use Moodle

  1. Step 1 – learn about the Moodle experience.
  2. Step 2 – install Moodle.
  3. Step 3 – configure your site.
  4. Step 4 – create the framework for your learning site.
  5. Step 5 – make decisions about common settings.
  6. Step 6 – add basic course material.
  7. Step 7 – make your courses interactive.
  8. Step 8 – evaluate your students.

How can Moodle be used for e learning?

Moodle is a platform for online learning that enables you to create online courses, add assignments, and keep an eye on your students’ progress. It also allows you to communicate with the students and encourage communication between them in forums and discussions.

How do I access Moodle?

Log in to Moodle and Find Your Courses Students should log in to Moodle using their NetID (IT Account username and password). When they have logged in, the Moodle home page will open. A list of Moodle courses will be visible in the My courses block (top right) and in the Navigation Tray (left).

What is the site URL for Moodle app?

By default, the link is however the setting ‘App download page’ can be changed e.g. for sites using a branded mobile app.

How do I manually enroll students in Moodle?

Enrolling users

  1. Go to Settings > Course administration > Users > Enrolled users.
  2. Click the ‘Enrol users’ button at the top right or bottom left of the page.
  3. Use the ‘Assign roles’ dropdown if you wish to change the role.
  4. Select enrolment options as appropriate.
  5. Browse or search for the user.

How do I bulk enroll students in Moodle?

Enrol the Students In the Settings block on your course, under Course administration, click Users > Bulk enrolments. Select Choose a file and upload your CSV file. Make sure Role to assign is left as student.

How do I invite students to Moodle course?

Making a course available to guests

  1. Go to the Participants (left menu) → Gear Icon (top right of page) → Enrollment Methods.
  2. If Guest access is not already listed, select Add Method → Guest Access.
  3. Turn on guest access and optionally set a password.

How do I enroll myself in Moodle?

Login to Moodle. In the “Search courses” box in the center of the main page, search for the resource course in which you wish to self-enroll. In the list of courses in the search results, click on the name of the course in which you wish to self-enroll. Look for the “Enrollment key” section.

How do I find classes in Moodle?

You can also look for your course in the main section of the Moodle homepage, underneath the “Search courses” box, in the “My courses” section. After the active courses, you will see your inactive courses listed here in approximately reverse chronological order.

What is the Enrolment key in Moodle?

The enrolment key is a Moodle setting that any teacher or admin user can set on a course by course basis. To locate and use this setting: Login to Moodle as an admin or teacher. Navigate to the desired course.

How do I Unenroll from Moodle?

Find the user you wish to remove, go to the Status column, and click the trashcan (Delete) icon. Click Unenroll on the confirmation page to approve the change.

How do I delete all users in Moodle?

Moodle – Bulk deleting users

  1. Open the navigation drawer with the icon in the upper left and click the ‘Site administration’ link.
  2. Click on the ‘Users’ tab.
  3. Click ‘Bulk user actions’ under the Accounts section.
  4. Click ‘Show more…’ under New filter to expand the search capabilities.
  5. Add a new filter to find the users you want to delete.

Why is my Moodle account suspended?

If you see a user whose status is ‘Suspended,’ this means that the user has dropped (or been dropped) from this course. Simply that their course enrollment, which was at one point active (because they were enrolled) is now suspended (because they are no longer enrolled in your course).

How do I delete old courses on Moodle?

Remove a course Log in to the Moodle dashboard and select Site administration from the sidebar. Click the Courses tab, then the Manage courses and categories link. Select the course category, then check the box next to the course(s) you wish to delete. Use the trashcan icon to delete the course.

How do you create a course in Moodle?

Building a New Moodle Course

  1. Request a Moodle course.
  2. Log in to Moodle.
  3. Find your Moodle course under My courses.
  4. Configure the Course settings.
  5. To work on your course, turn editing on.
  6. Edit Section Names.
  7. Add Resources to your course.
  8. Add Activities to your course.

Can we suspend a user in Moodle?

How can I suspend a user’s account? Tick the ‘Suspended account’ checkbox on the edit profile page.

How do I bulk suspend a user in Moodle?

To do this you must first create the . CSV File in your Moodle site….Create a . CSV File containing the users you wish to suspend

  1. Navigate to Site administration ► Users ► Accounts ► Bulk user actions.
  2. Go to new filter and press on show more this will bring up a full list of filters you can apply.

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