How Many Seats On A Southwest Airplane?


Southwest only flys 737’s, 737-700’s, 737-800’s and a small handful of 737-MAX 8. The majority (700’s) have 143 seats, the 800’s and MAX 8’s have 175. You can find seating charts at SeatGuru, but I’ve found them to often be inaccurate.

What is the average number of seats on a plane?

In the U.S. domestic fleet, the average number of seats per aircraft has increased by nearly 8% over the past 15 years. The average Airbus A321 has gained 19 seats in that period, rising from 169 to 188 seats. The average Boeing 737-8 has another 13 seats squeezed on board during that time, going from 152 to 165 seats.

How many seats are on a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737?

Boeing 737-700 (737)

In March of 2012 Southwest began reconfiguring their 737-700 fleet to increase their seating capacity from 137 seats to 143 seats. These newly reconfigured aircraft will also feature the new Evolve Interior with silmline seats.

How many seats does a Southwest 800 plane have?

Boeing 737-800 (738)

The Southwest Evolve Interior is an eco-friendly design that is part of the airline’s commitment to be a “green” company. This aircraft with a 175 seat capacity features new seats with a more comfortable bottom cushion that allows for better lumbar support and a fixed winged headrest for each seat.

Which airline has the biggest seats?

Jet Blue is the leader in the “most pitch” and “widest seat” contest because the majority of their economy and coach class seats are roomy. Jet Blue’s cheapest seats offer a pitch range of 32 to 35 inches (on most flights), with some planes offering a pitch between 37 and 41 inches.

What’s the best seat on a plane?

Exit rows, aisle or window seats, and anywhere close to the front are typically considered the best seats on a plane. On a short business trip, you might want an aisle seat near the front of the plane so you can debark as quickly as possible on arrival.

How many flight attendants do you need on a plane?

FAA guidelines

Airplanes with a maximum payload capacity of 7,500 pounds or less, and a seating capacity between 19 and 51 passengers, require one flight attendant. Airplanes that have a seating capacity between 50 and 101 passengers require two flight attendants.

What is the aisle seat?

noun. a seat, esp on a plane, situated at the end of a row, adjacent to the aisle.

How many passengers does a 747 hold?

Boeing 747-8

It can carry up to 467 passengers in a three-class configuration, and has a range of more than 8,000 nautical miles.

Where are the best seats on Southwest?

  • You’ll find the most empty seats in the back of the plane, so you’ll be able to find seats together. …
  • Sitting in one of the very last rows will put you near the bathrooms and flight attendants.

Did Southwest seats get smaller?

The new seats Southwest has put on nearly its entire fleet are 31 inches apart, about an inch less than before. In both cases, the airlines were able to add an extra row of six seats to each plane. Southwest went from 137 seats to 143. Both airlines say the new seats are just as comfortable.

How many seats are in each boarding group on Southwest?

Now, due to COVID-19, Southwest is only boarding in groups of 10 people at a time. This allows more distance between passengers and means you don’t need to camp out next to the gray metal columns designating your number within the A, B or C group.

How many seats does a Boeing 737 900 have?

ACCOMMODATION (180 SEATS) 20 Seats 139 Seats
SEAT WIDTH/PITCH 20.9 in/37 in 53 cm/94 cm 17.3 in/30-31 in 44 cm/76-79 cm
CHILD SEAT FIT GUIDE Aircraft seat width min-max 20.9 in 53 cm 16.3 in 41 cm
UNDERSEAT DIMENSIONS (depth x width x height) 20 in x 11 in x 10 in 20 in x 14 in x 7 in

How many seats does a Boeing 737 700 have?


How many middle seats does a 737 have?

A comprehensive plane profile and seat maps for the Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The seating arrangement consists of 12 Business and 162 Economy seats.

Does Southwest have bigger seats?

With the exception of exit row and bulkhead leg room, virtually all seats on a SW jet are the same. You can find measurements here. So Business Select does not give you a larger seat. For info about how SW fares differ, click here.

Can a 400 pound person fit in an airline seat?

There is no legal weight limit for passengers on U.S. commercial flights but some airlines such as Southwest ask customers who cannot fit into one seat to book two. It says if a passenger cannot lower the armrests on one set they must buy another – whatever they weigh.

Is Southwest Plus Size friendly?

Southwest seats are generally the same size as those found on other airlines, but their Customer of Size policy allows plus size travelers to purchase an additional seat (which can later be refunded) for a more comfortable travel experience.

Is it better to sit in the middle or back of a plane?

Despite the increased turbulence felt in the rear of the plane, the seats near the back are actually the safest. According to this study by Popular Mechanics, “Passengers near the tail of a plane are about 40 percent more likely to survive a crash than those in the first few rows up front.”

Is it better to sit in front or back of plane Covid?

The researchers also found that the plane’s very last rows had less transmission because fewer people were behind them. That suggests that on a fuller flight, back rows could be filled, as well as roomier seats in higher classes, they said.

Where is the safest place to sit on a plane?

However, statistically speaking, a seat close to an exit in the front or rear, or a middle seat in the back third of the plane offers the lowest fatality rate. That said, flying is still the safest form of transport.

Do flight attendants make good money?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, flight attendants make an average of $56,000 per year. The position’s pay can vary drastically, with the lowest 10% earning less than $28,000, and the highest 10% earning more than $80,000.

Do flight attendants get free housing?

While not every cabin crew member will receive free housing, it’s a different story while abroad. Due to the nature of the job, cabin crew are often on layovers before they can return home. In this instance, an airline will provide a free stay in a hotel overnight.

Can you be a flight attendant at 51?

There is no maximum age to become a flight attendant. If you’re in your 40’s or 50’s and want to be a flight attendant, go ahead and apply! As long as you meet the other requirements, your age won’t be a problem.

Which seat is better window or aisle?

17 Feb Which Seat is Better: Window or Aisle? Statistically, the aisle seat is more popular among frequent air travelers. Passengers who prefer the aisle seats say it’s better because they have easy access to the restrooms, the possibility of a little extra legroom, and they’re first to exit the aircraft.

Are seats F window or aisle?

Occasionally, aircraft with a seating structure of 2+2 may letter the seats as “ACDF” to keep with the standard of A/F being window and C/D being aisle on short-haul aircraft (which generally have 3+3 seats).

Do aisle seats have more leg room?

Aisle Seat – Pros and Cons:

Offers more leg room as you can somewhat sprawl into the aisle. Little interference to get out, grab your bags, and exit quicker (especially important if you have a tight connection!) Can access your baggage from the overhead compartment during the flight.

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