Is Splash Landings suitable for teenagers?


Is Splash Landings suitable for teenagers?

Firstly you will notice the whole area is very clean. That said the 3 slides are fun, 2 of them are great for younger kids and then the Master Blaster for older thrill seekers. …

Do you have to book splash landings?

We recommend booking in advance to guarantee entry! Please note that our outdoor area is closed on selected dates. Check our Waterpark opening times before you visit.

Is Alton Towers waterpark for adults?

Yes the waterpark is suitable for all ages. Some of the hot tubs are age restricted so you can escape the young ones. If you dont want children around try the Alton Towers spa as they have their own pool.

Are Alton Towers limiting numbers?

Why are you still capping the number of guests? To help ensure we can continue offer you the best possible guest experience and ensure the comfort of everyone visiting, we will be taking a phased approached to increasing capacity.

Is Alton Towers good for 12 year olds?

The Alton Towers Dungeon is not suitable for children under the age of 10 years old. Anyone under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian aged 16 years or older.

Can you walk from Splash Landings to Alton Towers?

Getting about. It takes about five minutes to walk from the Splash Landings Hotel to the Monorail station for access to the Theme Park and about five minutes to get through to the Alton Towers Hotel. There is an inside, step free, walkway to get to the Alton Towers Hotel.

Does Splash Landings Hotel have swimming pool?

No , the only pool is in the water park. over a year ago. over a year ago.

Can adults go to splash landings?

over a year ago. Yes the waterpark is suitable for all ages.

Are there normal rooms at Splash Landings Hotel?

We don’t do normal rooms at Splash Landings Hotel – instead, open your door and be instantly transported to a jaw-dropping new world. How about relaxing in a multi-coloured beach hut room and luxuriating in its tropical climate? For the polar opposite, try the Ice Age’s frozen caves (wrap up warm!).

What to do for breakfast at Splash Landings?

Flambo’s Jambo at Splash Landings Hotel serves up grills, burgers, salads and options for children! A five hot item breakfast, as well as a selection of cereals and juices is included in your stay. Breakfast is served at Flambo’s Jambo between 7.30am and 10.00am. Stop while you can still walk and head to Ma Garrita’s Bar.

Where are the Splash Landings at Alton Towers?

Splash Landings Hotel. Visit the Caribbean-themed Splash Landings Hotel — the wackiest of the Alton Towers Resort hotels, packed full of tropical fun and excitement! Soak up the vibrant atmosphere of this tropical paradise, home to the Alton Towers Waterpark and located in the heart of the Alton Towers Resort.

Where to make a splash in the Caribbean?

Make a splash at this Caribbean themed hotel: a hotel with fun at its heart and home to our fantastic Waterpark! Step inside Splash Landings Hotel and experience all the sunny joys of the Caribbean, right here at home!

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