What album is about a girl nirvana?


What album is about a girl nirvana?

About A Girl/Album

What album is heart shaped box on?

In Utero
Heart-Shaped Box/Album
Nirvana’s 10th single (including split singles) and first single released off of their fourth album, In Utero. Heart Shaped Box is a classic Nirvana song displaying the mellowness that Nirvana is capable of mixed with the harsh sound of the chorus, similar to so many other Nirvana songs we know and love.

What are Nirvana’s Top 5 songs?

Nirvana’s 20 greatest songs – ranked!

  • Blew (1989)
  • Territorial Pissings (1991)
  • Lithium (1991)
  • Rape Me (1993)
  • Sappy (1990-93)
  • Scentless Apprentice (1993)
  • Polly (1991)
  • School (1989)

What Beatles song did Nirvana cover?

And I Love Her
One gem the filmmaker unearthed was a snippet of the Nirvana frontman recording a chilling cover of the Beatles’ “And I Love Her.” While the track will be included in the film’s score — along with other never-before-heard tracks from Cobain’s archive — a full version has leaked online.

How did Kurt Cobain write about a girl?

Apparently, Marander had asked Cobain why he had never written a song for her, and Cobain responded with “About a Girl.” The lyrics addresses the couple’s fractured relationship, caused by Cobain’s refusal to get a job, or to share cleaning duties at their apartment, which housed many of his pets.

Who is the girl in heart-shaped box?

actress Kelsey Rohr
In February 2016, Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl reunited with actress Kelsey Rohr, who played the girl in the “Heart-Shaped Box” music video 23 years earlier, at the age of six. Rohr stated that “Today reminded me that I peaked at 6 years old but I was the most badass kid on the playground. Today was the absolute coolest.

What is Kurt Cobain’s favorite Nirvana song?

Kurt Cobain’s favourite nirvana song was “i hate myself and I want to die”. When he created the song he rang up one of his producers and told him that he finally got the sound he was looking for.

Did Kurt Cobain hate Paul?

Cobain’s “And I Love Her” could surprise many fans — “I like the Beatles, but I hate Paul McCartney,” he once said — as much as it did Morgen when he discovered it. “Nobody in Kurt’s life — not his management, wife, bandmates — had ever heard his Beatles thing,” Morgen told Rolling Stone.

What songs were played at Kurt Cobain’s funeral?

Grohl, previously making an appearance on BBC Radio 2 to mark the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ iconic album Abbey Road, revealed that the 1965 song ‘In My Life’ holds a special place in his heart after it was played at Cobain’s funeral service.

What is the meaning behind the song about a girl?

Who was the girl in Nirvana’s about a girl?

Meaning According to Chad Channing, Nirvana’s drummer around the time of Bleach, Cobain didn’t have a title for the song when he first brought it into the studio. When asked what it was about, Cobain replied, “It’s about a girl.” The girl in question was Tracy Marander, Cobain’s then-girlfriend, with whom he lived at the time.

When did Kurt Cobain write about a girl?

Dating back to at least 1988, “About a Girl” is often considered to be Kurt Cobain ‘s first great pop song. It is also perhaps the closest he ever came to writing a traditional love song.

What’s the tempo of about a girl by Nirvana?

According to the sheet music published at Musicnotes.com by BMG Rights Management, it is written in the time signature of common time, with a moderately fast rock tempo of 130 beats per minute.

Where did the song about a girl come from?

Origin and recording. Dating back to 1988, “About a Girl” was reportedly written after Cobain spent an afternoon repeatedly listening to Meet the Beatles!, the 1964 second American release by the Beatles.

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