What does Odysseus bring with him to sacrifice to the souls in order to speak to them?


What does Odysseus bring with him to sacrifice to the souls in order to speak to them?

Odysseus pledges to slaughter his best hiefer for the dead when he arrives home. He also swears to sacrifice a black lamb for Tiresias.

What does he ask Odysseus to do when he leaves the land of the dead?

He begs Odysseus to return to Circe’s island and give his body a proper burial. Odysseus then speaks with the Theban prophet Tiresias, who reveals that Poseidon is punishing the Achaeans for blinding his son Polyphemus.

What emotions does Odysseus express when he visits the Land of the dead?

When Odysseus first enters the Land of the Dead, he feels fearful. “From every side they came and sought the pit with rustling cries; and I grew sick with fear.” This shows that because the dead souls were jumping out at him, that Odysseus grew fearful.

What is the first thing Odysseus does when he arrives at the land of the dead?

Odysseus travels to the Land of the Dead to speak with the prophet Tiresias. When he gets there, he makes a blood sacrifice so that the spirits of the dead will emerge from the depths of Hades. One of the first spirits he speaks to is Elpenor, who begs him not to leave him unburied and unmourned.

What did Odysseus sacrifice in the Odyssey?

When Odysseus enters the underworld he sacrifices a number of sheep. He also promises that upon his safe return to Ithaca, he will sacrifice his best cow and black sheep for Tiresias.

What happens when Odysseus sacrifices the sheep?

Odysseus follows Circe’s instructions, digging a trench at the site prescribed and pouring libations of milk, honey, mellow wine, and pure water. He ceremoniously sprinkles barley and then sacrifices a ram and a ewe, the dark blood flowing into the trench to attract the dead.

What did Odysseus sacrifice in the land of the dead?

What does Odysseus learn in the land of the dead?

What does Odysseus learn about his journey from Tiresias in Hades? Odysseus learns that Poseidon will make it very difficult for him to get home; he will never escape Poseidon. Odysseus learns that Anticlea died because she was so sad that Odysseus was away from her and at war.

What are some of the details that Odysseus describes seeing in the pit What mood is evoked in these details?

What mood is evoked by these details? He meets one of his ship mates and asked Odysseus to bury. Then he saw his mom who died of a broken heart and he cried. The mood is sad and scary because he sees people with their bloodied armour, objects that killed them sticking out from them, and just horrific scenes.

How does Odysseus show leadership in the Land of the dead?

After successfully navigating to the land of the dead, he demonstrates respect for Circe by following her instructions to the letter: pouring out a libation, sacrificing two sheep, and promising to honor the souls of the dead with an even finer sacrifice when he returns to Ithaca.

What spirit visits Odysseus after Elpenor why is Odysseus shocked to see her?

Next, Odysseus meets the spirit of his mother, Anticleia. Odysseus must be shocked to see her since when he left Ithaca she was alive. He weeps when he sees her, and says his heart was filled with compassion for her.

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