What does Tom see or need in Myrtle?


What does Tom see or need in Myrtle?

Tom’s attraction to Myrtle is a reflection of this. Myrtle is a lower class person and also immoral. Tom is attracted to exactly what he is – an immoral, lower class person. Daisy’s attraction to Gatsby is actually an attempt on her part to reject her immorality and become a better person.

Does Tom actually love Myrtle?

Part of Tom’s class privilege is his belief in his right to have a mistress. His attitude toward both women is actually similar in that he treats them as possessions. Tom loves Daisy and not Myrtle because Daisy belongs to the same social class as him.

What does Tom get from Myrtle?

Tom purchases “a gossip magazine and some beauty aids” for Myrtle when they go into New York City. He also pays for an apartment in the city for her.

Does Tom abuse Myrtle?

He imposes his will on Nick and insists with a determination… that bordered on violence that Nick meet his mistress Myrtle. His practised brutality is captured in the way he assaults Myrtle: Making a short deft movement, Tom Buchanan broke her nose with his open hand.

Did Tom Buchanan hit Daisy?

This complex foreshadows his later sense of victimization when he learns of Daisy and Gatsby’s relationship, though it’s difficult to feel sympathetic with Tom in that case, given his affair with Myrtle Wilson. Tom tells her to stop, and when she doesn’t, he hits her.

What is Tom’s reaction to the accident?

How does Tom react to Myrtle’s death? Tom immediately establishes his alibi and states that he has no idea where the yellow car is and that it was not his. However, later on, during the ride home, he begins to cry.

Who cheated with Myrtle?

Both Tom and Daisy Buchanan cheat on each other and carry on affairs in Fitzgerald’s classic novel The Great Gatsby. Tom proceeds to carry on an affair with Myrtle Wilson and even rents an apartment in the city where they spend time together away from their spouses.

What did Tom and Myrtle fight about?

○ It is almost midnight and Nick overhears Tom and Myrtle fighting about whether she has any right to say Daisy’s name. Myrtle says she will say Daisy’s name any time she wants, so Tom slaps her across the face and breaks her nose.

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