What is a difference between the sense and antisense strands of DNA quizlet?


What is a difference between the sense and antisense strands of DNA quizlet?

Distinguish between the sense and antisense strands of DNA. The antisense strand (non coding strand) is the template DNA strand which is transcribed. The sense strand (coding strand) on the other hand is the DNA strand which has the same base sequence as the mRNA with thymine instead or uracil.

What is a sense and antisense gene?

Introduction. A sense-antisense (SAS) gene pair is defined as two genes that reside on opposite genomic strands within the same locus and share exonic sequence overlap. Until recently, the genome was thought to be organized into discrete transcriptional units (TUs).

What are the antisense and sense strands in transcription?

The sense strand is the strand of DNA that has the same sequence as the mRNA, which takes the antisense strand as its template during transcription, and eventually undergoes (typically, not always) translation into a protein.

What is a sense strand quizlet?

The sense strand of DNA is the strand that is NOT transcribed into mRNA during polypeptide synthesis. Define the antisense strand of DNA. The antisense strand of DNA is the strand that IS transcribed into mRNA during polypeptide synthesis.

Why is one strand of DNA called anti sense choose the best answer?

The second strand is called the antisense strand because its sequence of nucleotides is the complement of message sense. When mRNA forms a duplex with a complementary antisense RNA sequence, translation is blocked.

Is the DNA template strand the sense of the antisense strand?

Only one strand is actively used as a template in the transcription process, this is known as the sense strand, or template strand. The complementary DNA strand, the one that is not used, is called the nonsense or antisense strand.

What is a DNA antisense?

Antisense DNA technology is a method to inhibit or downregulate the production of a target protein by using antisense DNA or RNA molecules. An antisense sequence is a DNA or RNA that is perfectly complementary to the target nucleotide sequence present in the cell.

Is the antisense strand the template strand?

What is the difference between template strand and coding strand?

The template strand moves in a 3′ to 5′ direction. The strand of DNA which is no longer used as a template for transcription is known as the coding strand, because it corresponds to the same sequence as the mRNA that will consist of the codon sequences important to build proteins.

How does siRNA affect gene expression?

The siRNA-induced post transcriptional gene silencing starts with the assembly of the RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC). The complex silences certain gene expression by cleaving the mRNA molecules coding the target genes. This cleavage results in mRNA fragments that are further degraded by cellular exonucleases.

Why is it called the sense strand?

The DNA sense strand is called a “sense” strand not because it will be used to make protein (it won’t be), but because it has a sequence that corresponds directly to the RNA codon sequence. By this logic, the RNA transcript itself is sometimes described as “sense”.

Is plus strand the sense strand in DNA?

A DNA molecule has a double stranded structure. It consists of two strands. Based on the strand that serves as template for mRNA formation or transcription, one strand is called the sense strand and the other is called the antisense strand. 1. This strand is also called as coding strand, plus strand or non-template strand.

What is a sense strand?

Sense strand. In genetics, a sense strand, or coding strand, is the segment within double-stranded DNA that runs from 5′ to 3′, and which is complementary to the antisense strand of DNA, or template strand, which runs from 3′ to 5′.

What is the polarity of DNA?

DNA is polar due to its highly charged phosphate backbone. Its polarity makes it water-soluble (water is polar) according to the principle “like dissolves like”.

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