What is a Subclaim in an essay?


What is a Subclaim in an essay?

Claim: A claim is a statement of opinion or belief. Thesis: A thesis is a singular, overarching claim which dictates the path of argument. A topic sentence, also called a subclaim, needs to support the case of the thesis/claim.

How do you use warrant in a sentence?

Warrant in a Sentence ?

  1. Showing up with a warrant, the police asked the homeowner to let them inside so they could search for their suspect.
  2. The judge just issued a warrant that allows the police to pick up the murder suspect.

What is a qualifier in an essay?

A qualifier is a word that limits or enhances another word’s meaning. Qualifiers affect the certainty and specificity of a statement. Overusing certain types of qualifiers (for example, very or really) can make a piece of writing sound lazily constructed.

How do you qualify a claim in an essay?

1) Present the issue/situation/problem. 2) State your assertion/claim/thesis. 3) Support your claim (using evidence from other sources) 4) Acknowledge and respond to real or possible opposing views. 5) Make your final comment or summary of the evidence, extending it to the “real world.”

Which statement is the best example of a claim?

Answer Expert Verified The best example of a claim is option four: “You won’t understand those equations until you’re older”. Explanation: A claim is more than just a statement, it is a strong one, although it may be true or not.

What is the first step in writing a paragraph?

A basic paragraph of any type begins with an introductory sentence to open the topic. It is followed by three or four supporting sentences that explain the idea more or provide evidence for the topic, and a concluding sentence that sums up and closes the topic.

What is a pivoting paragraph?

The Pivoting Paragraph Plan  Paragraphs arranged in a pivoting paragraph plan start with a limiting sentence that offers a contrasting or negative idea before delivering a topic sentence.  The pivoting plan is especially useful for comparing and contrasting ideas.

What is the limiting sentence in paragraph B?

Points: 0 / 1 Close Explanation Explanation: A limiting sentence allows you to compare and contrast a point. It sets up the pivot point using a transitional expression to indicate a transition in ideas being compared.

What are the supporting sentences in paragraph C?

Supporting sentences SUPPORT the main idea of the paragraph. These sentences follow a topic sentence in a paragraph. Supporting sentences contain details that help describe or explain the main idea of the paragraph. Supporting sentences should fit the context and flow of a paragraph.

What is supporting sentence in a paragraph?

The supporting sentences, also called the body of the paragraph, are used to support, explain, illustrate, or provide evidence for the idea expressed in the topic sentence.

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