What is the flaw in Narcissus character?


What is the flaw in Narcissus character?

What is Narcissus’s major character flaw? He is conceited. How does Hera punish Echo? Echo can only repeat what others say.

What character traits does Echo have?

Character traits revealed about Echo is her desire to speak words of love. “Her heart leaping with joy as she spoke the happiest words that had left her lips since the curse”. Character traits revealed about Narcissus is that he is lonely and vain.

What was Narcissus fatal flaw?

As for Narcissus, enchanted by his beauty reflected in a still pool, but unable to embrace the object of his ardent desire, he wasted away into nothingness and was changed into the beautiful spring flower that bears his name. …

What was Narcissus biggest flaw?

What is Narcissus’s major character flaw? He is conceited.

What was Echo’s one failing?

Echo was a beautiful nymph, fond of the woods and hills, where she devoted herself to woodland sports. She was a favourite of Diana, and attended her in the chase. But Echo had one failing; she was fond of talking, and whether in chat or argument, would have the last word.

Who is Narcissus and what was his major flaw?

Who is Narcissus and what was his major flaw? He is a beautiful man but he didn’t fall in love with anyone. Who is Echo and what was her fate? She is a nymph and Hera condemned her never to use her tongue again except to repeat what was said to her.

How did Narcissus and Echo suffer from love that is not reciprocated?

When Narcissus next noticed his reflection in a pool of water, love overtook him. He believed that he’d finally found someone worthy of his love and became entirely absorbed with his own beautiful image, not realizing it was actually himself. Unable to get Narcissus’ attention, Echo’s obsession and depression grew.

Who attempted seduce echo?

Echo spotted Narcissus and became infatuated. She longed for his attention, but he was fixated on himself. She tried to call out to him, yet couldn’t. One day, Narcissus became separated from his hunting companions and called out, “Is anyone there?” Echo could only repeat his words.

Why was Echo unable to talk to Narcissus?

After being cursed, Echo came across a beautiful young man named Narcissus, but was unable to talk to him because of the curse. She simply followed him in the woods. Narcissus, having lost his companions with whom he had gone hunting, started shouting “Is anyone there?” Echo, given the opportunity, repeated the words.

What did echo do in the curse of Hera?

The curse of Hera Zeus was quite attracted to nymphs and often visited them. Hera, his wife, jealous of his various affairs, followed him trying to catch him. However, Echo would engage Hera in long-winded conversations, giving the time to Zeus to evade her.

Which is an example of a human flaw?

Human flaws such as lust for power, greed and jealousy explain the errors many tragic figures from books make, from Mr Kurtz to Lord Voldemort. Read this character flaw list (with examples) for inspiration and develop interesting character weaknesses:

How is jealousy used as a character flaw?

Using jealousy as a character flaw. Some may argue a degree of jealousy is natural in relationships, as many people fear losing a loved person or object. Yet when a character responds to this fear by trying to control another’s every move, this is where conflict and tension often increase.

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