What is the past tense of have in French?


What is the past tense of have in French?

Verb tables: Avoir

Person Preterite (I had) Perfect (passé composé) (I have had)
1st Singular. j’eus j’ai eu
2nd Singular tu eus tu as eu
3rd Singular il (..) eut il (..) a eu
1st plural nous eûmes nous avons eu

What tense is I have in French?

2 Forming the perfect tense the present tense of the verb avoir (meaning to have) or être (meaning to be)

How do you use have in French?

Avoir (to have) is a very useful verb and is used whenever we would say ‘have’ in English. It ‎is also used to form other tenses, such as the passé composé (the perfect tense).

Do you have in French formal?

The French translation for “Do you have any children? (formal)” is Avez-vous des enfants?. The French, Avez-vous des enfants?, can be broken down into 4 parts:”have (2nd person plural)” (avez), “you (singular polite form and plural)” (vous), “some (plural)” (des) and “children” (enfants).

When to use avoir in the present tense?

As explained earlier, avoir is used as an auxiliary verb for other French verbs in this tense. For the passé composé tense of avoir, it needs to be conjugated twice in a sense. Firstly, you will use the present tense of avoir, as is shown in the table above, then use it in conjunction with the past participle of the verb (eu).

Which is the easiest past tense conjugation in French?

There is also le passé simple, which you will see in novels, but any French tutor will tell you there is no need to worry about knowing how to use it in conversation. Le passé composé is the easiest and most English speaker-friendly French past tense conjugation.

Which is an example of a past participle in French?

With an auxiliary verb, the past participle forms a compound tense. The majority of French verbs are regular, and forming their past participle is easy: Examples: parler (to speak) = parlé, donner (to give) = donné, and tomber (to fall) = tombé Examples: finir (to finish) = fini, partir (to leave) = parti, and dormir (to sleep) = dormi

When to use the imperfect tense in French?

To conjugate this tense in French, you need to combine the imperfect tense conjugation of avoir and the verb’s past participle. Also known as La passé simple, this tense is mainly used in writing to describe something that has happened in the past. This tense is also mainly used in formal written French.

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