What is the profile board?


What is the profile board?

noun. 1A board or plate cut to a pattern, used as a template to fix the shape or dimensions of something being made or built.

What is a profile in construction?

A builder’s profile, also known as a corner profile or brick profile, is a tool used in wall building. It provides an accurate guideline to build your wall straight and plumb (vertical). A builder’s profile removes the need to build up corners first.

What is Settingout?

A building is set out in order to clearly define the outline of the excavation and the centre line of the walls, so that construction can be carried out exactly according to the plan. The centre line method of setting out is generally preferred and adopted.

Why is setting out important?

The main reason for setting out (other than to guide the workers as they begin construction) is to ensure the construction remains within the legal boundary. This means there will be no legal disputes later on, such as those regarding property boundaries and rights of access.

What is a profile board made of?

A long lasting profile board is made from thin steel plate which is welded to a short length of metal tubing that can slide up and down and be clamped to a metal ranging rod.

What is profile in architecture?

Architecture) a view or representation of an object, esp a building, in contour or outline.

What are profiles used for?

Builders’ profiles can also be used to build up corners of walls from the inside. Intermediate profiles also allow the wall to be built up from the centre. Some builders’ profiles require 3 courses of the wall to already have been built so that it can be secured to them before use.

What is the purpose of a profile drawing?

Profile drawing means a scaled graph or plot that represents the side view of an object.

What is the 345 method?

To get a perfectly square corner, you want to aim for a measurement ratio of 3:4:5. In other words, you want a three-foot length on your straight line, a four-foot length on your perpendicular line, and a five-foot length across. If all three measurements are correct, you’ll have a perfectly square corner.

What is site clearance?

Site clearance involves adhering to health and safety legislation. Moreover, only trained construction workers and laborers can effectively and safely remove all unwanted rubble from the site. Most importantly, the construction site must be cleared of all vegetation, tree stumps, brush wood, and tree roots etc.

What is the purpose of setting out in excavation work?

Setting out is the process of marking the position, shape and size of a building on a construction site. The details provided by the architect and surveyor on the project plans and drawings are transferred to the ground on which the structure will be built.

What are the requirements of a profile board?

The other requirement of the profile method is the use of adjustable profiles that can be moved and locked in the desired position. A long lasting profile board is made from thin steel plate which is welded to a short length of metal tubing that can slide up and down and be clamped to a metal ranging rod.

How are profile boards used in road construction?

The Profile Board Method. commonly used setting out procedure for rural road works is based on the use of a series of profile boards and a string line level, thereby providing control of levels during construction. As a result, the method has become known as the Profile Board Method.

Which is the best way to describe the profile board method?

The method is best described by imagining the excavation of a ditch from point A to point B at the level of the dotted line as shown in the figure below.

How big should a ranging rod be for a profile board?

A useful size for the metal profile boards has been found to be 40 cm by 10 cm, painted red to make them easy to be seen. Ranging rods are made of hollow metal tubes, often 12.5 mm diameter galvanised water pipe, with a pointed end of sharpened reinforcement steel.

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