What is the purpose of an aisle runner?


What is the purpose of an aisle runner?

The wonderful thing about wedding aisle runners is they serve two purposes: to accentuate a beautiful wedding and to create a surface covering that can help protect things like shoes or a dress train.

How does an aisle runner work?

A wedding aisle runner can be set up before the guests arrive or just before the wedding party makes their way down the aisle, but in any circumstance the runner should be designated for the wedding party. Wedding guests should be should be escorted along the outside of the seating area, not down the middle aisle.

What is the aisle runner in a wedding?

What is a Wedding Aisle Runner? A wedding aisle runner is a long piece of cloth that is rolled out typically from the entrance to the altar. It is often used as a major piece for the wedding decorations. It is symbolizes the centerpiece of the ceremony.

Do people still use aisle runners?

Today, most indoor locations don’t suffer from guests tracking in dirt and mud, but many brides choose to use aisle runners anyway as they lend a “regal” touch to the ceremony, though they are completely optional.

How do I weigh down my aisle runner?

Secure the fabric to the wood with glue or small staples. Hide staples by lining both edges of the runner with flower petals, fall leaves or large confetti. Keep the aisle runner from catching a breeze by placing decorative stones, heavy pumpkins or potted plants every three to five feet to weigh down the runner.

What do you do with the aisle runner after a wedding?

Many people opt to cut out the monogrammed portion of their personalized aisle runner and then frame it to hang within the home. This enables you to display your favorite portion of the aisle runner, usually along with other keepsakes from the wedding nearby.

How do you weigh down an aisle runner?

What can I use instead of aisle runner?

Here are a few wedding aisle runner ideas we love.

  • Vintage rugs. Who needs a red carpet when you’ve got vintage rugs?
  • A sweet quote.
  • Sheets from your favourite book(s)
  • Flower petals.
  • Feathers.
  • Your wedding monogram.
  • A pattern.
  • Green grass.

How do you attach aisle runner to lawn?

Make sure your runner has a non-slip backing as well. Tape your aisle runner to the ground if you have a hard, flat surface, like a patio, to work with for the ceremony. Use heavy duty, double-sided tape to affix it to the ground. Tape the runner all the way down each side to ensure that it stays down.

How do I keep my wedding aisle runner in place?

How much does an aisle runner cost?

Typical costs: On the low end, aisle runners typically cost less than $100 for a basic off-the-shelf runner made of plastic or cloth. For example, on Amazon.com, aisle runners[1] cost from less than $10 to more than $100. At David’s Bridal, aisle runners[2] cost from a little over $30 to just under $100.

Who walks down the aisle runner?

Technically, the bridal party is permitted to walk on the runner in order to get to the front of the church. The runner should be rolled out before the wedding party starts to enter, since the flower girls, ring bearer, bridesmaids and groomsmen should walk down the runner to make for good pictures during the ceremony.

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