What is the root word of die?


What is the root word of die?

mid-12c., dien, deighen, of sentient beings, “to cease to live,” possibly from Old Danish døja or Old Norse deyja “to die, pass away,” both from Proto-Germanic *dawjan (source also of Old Frisian deja “to kill,” Old Saxon doian, Old High German touwen, Gothic diwans “mortal”), from PIE root *dheu- (3) “to pass away.

What is the real meaning of die?

1 : to pass from physical life : expire died at the age of 56 die young died from his injuries a dying tree. 2a : to pass out of existence : cease their anger died at these words. b : to disappear or subside gradually —often used with away, down, or out the storm died down. 3a : sink, languish dying from fatigue.

What is die in Latin?

Latin Translation. morietur. More Latin words for die. morior verb. pass away, wither away, fail, faint, decay.

What is the origin of the word dead?

Middle English ded, from Old English dead “having ceased to live,” also “torpid, dull;” of water, “still, standing,” from Proto-Germanic *daudaz (source also of Old Saxon dod, Danish død, Swedish död, Old Frisian dad, Middle Dutch doot, Dutch dood, Old High German tot, German tot, Old Norse dauðr, Gothic dauþs “dead”).

What are some other words for die?


  • drown.
  • expire.
  • perish.
  • succumb.
  • decease.
  • depart.
  • drop.
  • finish.

What is die in Japanese?

The usage of the simple word for “to die,” 死ぬ (shinu), can differ slightly from that in English. There are any number of compound words that contain 死 (shi), the word for “death.” Among the most common are: 死に顔 (shinigao), or how the dead person looks; 死に際, (shinigiwa), the last moments; and 死人 (shinin), the deceased.

What is die in Spanish?

morir – to die, to die out, to go out, to pass away. morirse – to die, to perish.

How do you say die in different languages?

In other languages die

  • Arabic: يـَمُوتُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: morrer.
  • Chinese: 死亡
  • Croatian: umrijeti.
  • Czech: zemřít.
  • Danish: dø
  • Dutch: sterven.
  • European Spanish: morir.

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