What year did Joe Montana play for Kansas City Chiefs?


What year did Joe Montana play for Kansas City Chiefs?

April 1993Kansas City Chiefs
1979San Francisco 49ers1974Notre Dame Fighting Irish football
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Did Joe Montana ever play for Kansas City Chiefs?

Own the field” Joe Montana, selected by the San Francisco 49ers in the third round of the 1979 National Football League Draft, had a stellar career with the 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs.

How many Super Bowl rings does Joe Montana have?

four Super Bowl victories
Montana led the San Francisco 49ers to four Super Bowl victories (1982, 1985, 1989, 1990) and was named the Super Bowl’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) three times. He also ranks among football’s all-time leaders in passing yards (40,551) and touchdown passes (273).

How many years did Montana play for the Chiefs?

Montana started his NFL career in 1979 with the San Francisco 49ers, where he played quarterback (QB) for the next 14 seasons. He spent the 1993 and 1994 seasons, his final two years in the NFL, with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Who is statistically the best quarterback in NFL history?

Brady becomes the greatest quarterback of all time in NFL history. In his career records, he has played in 264 games. He holds second place in terms of passing touchdown percentage at 79,204.

Who was the Kansas City Chiefs tight end in 1992?

“I was about to go back to the huddle to kick the extra point, but I saw Buddy Ryan there,” former Chiefs tight end Keith Cash (1992-96) said. “I saw that poster of Buddy Ryan.

Who was the quarterback for the Chiefs in 1991?

“We really didn’t think we’d fall behind the way we did,” Chiefs receiver Willie Davis (1991-95) said. “But with the guy we had at quarterback and the weapons we had on offense, there wasn’t any panic.” “If you go back and look at that game, the calmest person in Arrowhead Stadium is so clearly Joe Montana,” MacCambridge said.

Who was the voice of the Chiefs in 1993?

” [Joe Montana] had this ability to win,” Chiefs CEO and Chairman Clark Hunt said. “He had this ability to bring his teams back.” “This was the roller coaster ride,” Kevin Harlan, “Voice of the Chiefs” (1985-1993), said. “This was the jolt. We hadn’t seen anything like that since Lenny (Dawson). I mean you never figured you were out of the game.”

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