Where is channel 22?


Where is channel 22?

KWHY-TV, Channel 22, is a Spanish-language independent station located in Los Angeles, California, USA.

What channel is CW in texas?

Affiliate stations

City of license/Market Station Channel TV (DT)
Austin, Texas KNVA 54 (23)
Jacksonville WCWJ 17 (20)
Portsmouth – Norfolk – Newport News WGNT 27 (20)
Oklahoma City KOCB 34 (33)

What channel is CW in waco tx?

channel 46
KNCT, virtual channel 46 (UHF digital channel 17), is a CW-affiliated television station serving Waco, Killeen and Temple, Texas, United States that is licensed to Belton.

What digital channel is Wwlp?

channel 22
WWLP, virtual channel 22 (VHF digital channel 11), is a dual NBC/CW+-affiliated television station licensed to Springfield, Massachusetts, United States, serving the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. The station is owned by Nexstar Media Group.

What channel is CBC News Network on Rogers?

channel 26
Re: CBC News Network I will answer your question: I see it there on channel 26 no problem.

Who owns CW network?

Warner Bros. Pictures
CBS CorporationViacomCBSWarnerMediaWB Communications Inc
The CW/Parent organizations

What channel is ABC on in Waco?

channel 25
KXXV, virtual channel 25 (UHF digital channel 26), is an ABC-affiliated television station licensed to Waco, Texas, United States and serving Central Texas, including Waco, Temple and Killeen.

What station is NBC in Waco?

KCEN-HD Digital Channel 6.1 KCEN-HD is the NBC affiliate serving the citizens of Temple, Waco, Killeen and Bryan-College Station (DMA 89).

How do I contact Wwlp?

Email your photos, images, documents or videos to [email protected] You can also contact the 22News newsroom directly by calling 413-377-1160.

What is Springfield CW?

Watch The CW Springfield over-the-air on channel 22.2, 28.2, on Comcast channels 16 & 820, on Charter channels 13 & 788, and on DirecTV channel 23. You can find 22News on Berkshire Cable Channel 14/1204 or Channel 16/1204 (different parts of the county).

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