Where was Claude born?


Where was Claude born?

Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Belgium
Jean-Claude Van Damme/Place of birth

Is Jcvd an orphan?

There are constant references, many made by Jean-Claude himself, to past Van Damme opuses like “Timecop,” “Double Impact” and “Bloodsport.” There’s also a seam of weepy nostalgia and sentimentality, as Jean-Claude recalls a (fictional) childhood as an orphan on an emu farm and seeks redemption from his younger self.

Does Jean-Claude have a son?

Kristopher Van Varenberg
Nicholas Van Varenberg
Jean-Claude Van Damme/Sons

Does Van Damme have a twin?

The answer is NO! Jean- Claude has no brother. He has only one elder sister as a sibling, born from the same parents called Veronique Van Varenburg.

How tall is Jean-Claude?

5′ 10″
Jean-Claude Van Damme/Height

Who is Jean-Claude Van Damme’s wife?

Gladys Portuguesm. 1999
Darcy LaPierm. 1994–1997Gladys Portuguesm. 1987–1992Cynthia Derderianm. 1985–1986Maria Rodriguezm. 1980–1984
Jean-Claude Van Damme/Wife

How did John Claude Van Damme get discovered?

They are seen dancing in the background at a dance demonstration. Around that time he developed a friendship with action martial art film star Chuck Norris. They started sparring together, and Van Damme started to work as a bouncer at a bar named Woody’s Wharf, owned by Norris.

Who did Darcy LaPier marry?

Brian Snodgrassm. 2002–2010
Mark R. Hughesm. 1999–2000Jean-Claude Van Dammem. 1994–1997Ronald Ricem. 1991–1993Larry Ray Robertsonm. 1984–1993
Darcy LaPier/Spouse

She married Brian Snodgrass (of the Seven Dees nursery family) in 2002, and had a daughter, Madison Snodgrass. On her ranch in Oregon with her family, LaPier transformed herself into a rodeo barrel racer.

Who is Jean-Claude married to?

Jean-Claude Van Damme/Spouse

Is Jean-Claude Van Damme married?

How many languages does Jean-Claude Van Damme speak?

Jean-Claude Van Damme/Languages


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